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Sunkye International is a professional connector manufacturer, who have been engaged in connector design and production for 65 years. Sunkye provide leading edge solutions in rectangular and circular, miniature, micro-miniature and nano connectors for military, medical and industrial applications. Customer trust is based upon Sunkye’s proven quality, fast delivery time and excellent team service.

Sunkye manufacture a wide range of connector products including ~ twist-pin connectors, fibre optic connectors, RF coaxial connectors, umbilical connectors, custom connectors, etc. which are widely used in military areas: aerospace, aviation, power, shipbuilding, defence systems, and in civil fields like mass transportation projects, communications and telecommunications. Sunkye is the prime connector supplier for most Chinese military projects. Sunkye International’s goal has always been to exceed customer’s expectations by assuring world class product, on time and with competitive prices. In2Connect’s mission is also to provide the shortest lead-times, lowest prices, and the highest quality to our customers whilst ensuring the best customer service ~ and we pride ourselves in achieving this.

Sunkye International is ISO 9001 certified, products may be UL, VDE, CE approved, and ensures products quality by testing in realistic conditions with advanced test facilities and professional test employees.

The Sunkye R & D team are world class and can design/manufacture high performance connectors with competitive pricing. Whilst the Sunkye design team focuses on meeting customers’ requirement with continuous innovative technology, the manufacturing team produces high quality products by utilising advanced equipment in standardised processes to ensure customers’ benefits.

Micro-D Twist Pin connectors MIL-DTL-83513

R04 and R04J Micro D-sub connectors to MIL-DTL-83513 Connector

Performance meets the requirement of MIL-C-83513
Contacts: 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 66, 74, 100 pins etc.
Twist pin contact, high density connection
The sectional area of the cable core is 0.1 mm2 ~ 0.15 mm2
The locking component for this series will be assembled on the connector if required

Combo connectors and Micro Strips

Equivalent to Airborn M series buckle connector
Twist pin contacts, high density interconnection
With locking buckle, connector can be locked and separated quickly and is polarised
Meets MIL-C-83513 standard, light weight connectors are suitable for rigorous environment application
Standard: E/SC-A(02)-09-2008

Circular connectors

D033Q Microminiature Quick Lock Circular Connector

Contacts: 7, 10, 11, 19, 21, 37, 55, 66, 85 pins, etc.
Nano twist pin, contact spacing is 1.27mm, mini size;
The connector is fixed by rivet and slot;locking functions is achieved by matching and separating the steel ball and slot on the receptacle outer shell
High density interconnection, microminature, light
Sectional area of cable core: 0.1mm2 ~ 0.15mm2
Standard: E/SC-A8 (02)-3-2007

Nano-D Twist Pin Connectors MIL-DTL-32139

R06 Nano-miniature Rectangular Connector

Contacts: 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37,51,69 pins, etc.
Twist pin contact, contact spacing is 0.635mm appearance size is mini
Plug and receptacle fixed by screw and nut
High density interconnection, mini and light
Standard: E/SC-A(03)-26-2005

Low Temperature Glass-sintered Sealing connectors

With increasingly demands for hermetic sealing performance in various areas, especially in aerospace, aviation and marine applications, low temperature sintering technology provides the most effective way to solve the problem. Low temperature aluminum alloy glass-sintered sealing technology enables low cost and low weight with high production efficiencies.

Custom connectors

R042 Rack and Panel ARINC Connector

Good performance of environment resistance
216 kinds of polarising styles
High density up to 800 signal contacts
Low insertion and extraction force
Contacts: signal, power, coaxial, triple coaxial, optical fibre, two pin different, four pin different,etc.
Mounting panel insulator modules for free collocation
Suited for aviation and military equipment cabinet
Accord to ARINC 600 specification
Standard: E/SC-A(05)-254-2008

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