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Since 1971, Sullins Connector Solutions has been the leader in developing and delivering reliable, cutting-edge connectors for diverse applications and industries worldwide. Sullins provides the largest selection of 100% RoHS, UL/CUL approved edgecards and headers in the industry. Sullins high-level, high-density and high-temperature connectors are specifically designed for challenging applications and are used by leading manufacturers and engineers all over the world. Sullins and In2Connect are specialists in 200/250 degrees C, High temperature, long life connectors specifically designed for burn-in oven and automatic temperature testing applications; sockets for Test & Burn-in of wafers and IC packages, sockets for Test & Burn-in of LCD modules, sockets for Test & Burn-in of SIMM and DIMM modules and customer specific test socket contactor solutions.

Standard and Custom Connectors

Sullins designs, engineers, manufactures and, via distributors like ourselves, offers the market a wide variety of standard, semi-custom and fully custom edgecards and headers. Sullins’ standard connectors are never discontinued, so you can count on In2Connect to consistently deliver the same high-quality edgecard products you’ve grown to expect, today and into the future. In2Connect UK accommodates all types of orders, large or small. We can often accept orders as small as 10 connectors. Need a standard connector or a special one built to your specifications? We’ll help you find the perfect fit-fast! And jointly, Sullins and In2Connect offer more design choices than any competitor out there. Click here to view the Sullins Interconnect Capabilities brochure.

Your project is important to us, so fast delivery is our primary goal. Average delivery lead time for non-stock products is normally 2 to 3 weeks. We strive to provide you with the best quality products in record time. Great products, delivered fast! Our goal is to keep your project on track.

RoHS Compliant Being good to the environment is important to both us and our customers. That’s why Sullins guarantees RoHS compliant parts in all it’s products and In2Connect are proud to market them.

Sullins Card Edge Connectors

  • Available in temperatures up to 250°C for demanding thermal applications
  • Available in a large variety of male and female connector types for all kinds of applications
  • Available in 1mm, 0.050″, 0.100″, 0.125″, 0.150″ and 0.156″ contact centers
  • Available in insulator height of 0.431″, 0.550″, 0.610″ and 0.720″
  • Available in various plating options, including full gold, selective gold, and pure tin
  • Choices of pin style, including dip solder, eyelet, press-fit, and wire-wrap are available
  • Large selection of termination types and mounting styles are available for various applications
  • Features high mating cycle for all our connectors for long-lasting usage.

Sullins Connector Solutions has expanded its comprehensive portfolio of high-temperature devices to include Hi-Temp 0.100″ (2.54 mm) contact centreline male headers that support an operating temperature range of -65 degrees C to +150 degrees C. The new single- and dual-row Hi-Temp headers are offered to complement Sullins’ full series of Hi-Temp dual-row card edge connectors which support an operating temperature range of -65 degrees C to +250 degrees C, and are provided in 0.039″ (1.0 mm), 0.050″ (1.27 mm), 0.100″ (2.54 mm), 0.125″ (3.18 mm) and 0.156 (3.96 mm) contact centreline versions. Engineered to provide unparalleled design flexibility and manufacturing efficiency, parts may be ordered in dip solder, wire wrap, right angle bend, and card extender termination styles, as well as in straight and right angle plated through hole (PTH) and surface mount (SMT) versions. Available mounting styles include clearance holes, flush mounting, threaded inserts, straddle mount, float mount, side mounting and open card slot. The new headers are available with varied head and tail length options to permit custom and standard applications. Materials are UL94V-0 rated and withstand reflow processes up to 260 degrees C peak for 120 seconds max. Intended for use in high-density applications in where board spacing and total weight are factors, Sullins’ Hi-Temp card edge connectors and headers are ideal in a wide array of consumer, industrial, and commercial applications. They are most frequently used in test and burn-in oven facilities, electronic component testing, communication equipment, medical equipment instrumentation, power converters and power supplies, along with aerospace and automotive systems and products.The Hi-Temp card edge connectors and new, Hi-Temp headers feature a current rating of from 1 A to 3 A maximum per contact. Dual-row card edge connectors are offered with from 2 to 120 contacts per row, whereas headers are provided in single- and dual-row configurations with 1 to 36 contacts per row. These devices are supplied with full gold or selective gold plating options. These parts also boast a high mating cycle of 500 cycles minimum.

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