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Established in 2003, HTP S.R.L. is a young and dynamic company, supplying products for the pneumatics, hydraulics and industrial automation sectors.

HTP produces a wide range of EN175301-803 connectors (former DIN 43650 connectors) for solenoid valve, as well as M8, M9, M12, M23, 7/8” circular connectors, cable assemblies, passive distribution boxes and LED industrial lights.

HTP lead the evolution of the market by developing new key products such as energy-saving EN175301 connectors, structured control cabling solutions and splitters allowing the end customer to save time in terms of wiring and to produce machines more quickly.

Quality, reliability and flexibility make HTP and it’s UK distributor In2Connect UK Ltd partners you can trust and rely on.

The key philosophy of the company is to focus on their skills and expertise in custom manufacturing to enhance customer competitiveness. HTP can produce custom connectors for your non-standard requirements: the design being shared with the client throughout.

The Company’s China production facilities are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, to ensure the achievement of the highest standard of quality. Quality control of every single finished product is performed twice. Many products are c/UL Approved.

RoHS Compliant – protecting the environment is important to both us and our customers. That’s why HTP can provide RoHS compliant parts across its product ranges. RoHS compliance is independently tested.

M8/M9/M12/M23 Metric circular connectors

Metric circular connectors M8, M12 etc are normally used with sensors and can also be used to implement a flexible I/O or field bus connection on the circuit board

  • Panel hole cut-out size: 8/9/12 and 29mm
  • Mostly threaded coupling
  • IP67 Protection Class IEC 60529
  • CE, ROHS Compliant
  • 2 -19 solder or screw contacts dependant on shell size
  • can be cable-to-panel and cable-to-cable ~ panel fit or field attachable
  • Metal or Plastic bodied
  • ATEX 94/9/CE approved versions of M8/M12 for Zone 2 available

M8/M9/M12/M23 Metric circular moulded assemblies

  • Mostly threaded coupling type
  • IP67 Protection Class IEC 60529
  •  3, 4 and 8 pole etc
  • Male and female
  • Straight and right angled
  • Single and double ended
  • Profibus versions
  • Moulded onto PVC, PUR cable, shielded and totally shielded connectors IP69K
    Many lengths available
  • Available with 2 LED’s for PNP and NPN switch indication
  • Multi-head splitter cables with Metric or DIN 43650 connectors inline, daisy chain or breakout

M12 “T” and “Y” Splitters

  • “T” and “Y” splitters are designed to expand the ports on hard wired distribution boxes, by splitting the two individual wires into two connectors
  • Also fully shielded available
  • NEW – Transparent “Y” with light indication
  • M12 moulded Y Splitters – 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 poles
    Male and female
    Straight and angled

M8/M12 Distribution Boxes

Distribution Boxes eliminate the need to run multiple cables back to the control panel and create a “plug and play” system. They can be used for both input & output devices. Commons within the box reduces wiring time at the control panel. HTP Distribution Boxes are designed around the standard wiring used for the connector, position is provided for positive, negative and ground positions. Each connector has 2 individual wires available to transfer NO & NC position status for input devices or one wire can be used to provide separate power for output devices

  • 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 way with terminal contacts or moulded to cable
  • 3 or 4 pole
  • M12, M23 or cable gland input
  • With or without LEDs

EN 175301-803 Connectors (DIN 43650) Form A, B, C

DIN 43650 is the standard for the series of electrical connectors commonly used with solenoid valves (especially those used on valves in hydraulics and pneumatics). Other applications include the connection special sensors, such as pressure switches, filter switches, optical, proximity and limit switches

  • 2 and 3 poles + earth with integrated or profiled gaskets
  • Without electronic components
  • With electronic components
  • Circuits available include
    – LED Only
    – Varistor & LED
    – Diode & LED
    – Half and Full bridge rectifier
  • For 12, 24, 115 & 230 volt applications
  • Moulded extension cable versions in many lengths available with 90° or straight cable exit.
  • Multi-head splitter cables with DIN 43650 connectors inline, daisy chain or breakout
  • Energy Saving version available – Reduces energy consumption by 60%,
    reduces working temperature of valve/electrovalve, extends life of valve
  • Adapters DIN43650 to M8 and M12 male connectors
  • ATEX 94/9/CE approved DIN 43650 connectors available for Zone 2
  • UL/CSA Connectors and bases available

Digital Timer for DIN 43650 connectors

The HTP in-line timer is designed to cycle power on and off, to either pneumatic or hydraulic solenoid valves. Typical applications include draining water from compressor tanks, periodic product sampling, and control of lubricating or irrigation systems

  • Plugs in-line between male & female connectors
  • Works with any voltage from 24 to 240 VAC/DC
  • ON – 0.5 to 99 sec OFF – 0.5 to 99 min
  • For pneumatic or hydraulic solenoid valves
  • ON and OFF LED status indication
  • Manual push button override

Fuse Holders

  •  Fuse holder can be supplied with different cable sections
  • Any length available
  • Protection class: IP 68
  • Can be assembled in series as a modular system

Automotive moulded Connectors

  • HTP Brand, Automotive connectors interchangeable with Deutsch DT – 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 pole
  • HTP Brand, Tyco Superseal type with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 poles
  • HTP Brand, Delphi Metri-Pack type 3, 6 and 10 pole

LED Industrial Lighting

  • Long life
  • Energy saving
  • Low Heat emission
  • IP 54 and IP67 versions
  • Circular and strip lighting
  • LED 6000K with 2 x M12 end plugs for daisy-chaining in series

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