High Speed, Board to Board, Backplane and Card Edge Connectors ~ ept stands for electronic precision technology at the highest level. As a family owned company ept are a competent, efficient partner in the development and production of PCB and Backplane connectors for the global embedded computing market ~ and are the acknowledged leaders in “Press Fit” contact technology.

ept connectors are used throughout the world for a variety of demanding applications such as data processing and communication, control and measurement technology, vehicle construction, transportation, military technology, air travel, and even space travel. ept’s core competencies lie in developing and producing connectors that rely on press-fit and soldering technology, as well as machines for processing and tools for press-fit technology. Their innovative ideas for products and their first-rate production techniques enable ept to offer you complete and comprehensive solutions from a single source for all of your connector and assembly needs. ept employees in R&D, Product Construction, Project Management, Process Development, Order Management/Controlling, Processing Technology and Logistics ensure the perfect project workflow – from development to implementation.

In its more than 40 years of history, the company’s success has largely depended on in-house product development. Back in 1980, the company had already successfully introduced the DIN 41612 connector, which would later be followed by product groups such as PC/104 and PC/104-Plus, hm 2.0, Advanced TCA, and Micro TCA, as well as the SMT Colibri connector system for COM Express applications which was introduced in 2012. Standardisation of connectors is a pre-requisite for open systems, where users expect components from different suppliers to operate together; ept connectors are therefore fully intermateable with all other similarly compliant products from manufacturers like Harting, Erni, Hirose and Tyco, etc.
In addition, Tcom-press, a press-fit solution developed by ept, was approved for use in automotive applications as far back as 2001. And numerous product developments are planned for the coming years ­ plans that will enable the company to build on its reputation as a manufacturer of precision technology.

At ept locations in Germany (Peiting, Buching, Augsburg), the CzechRepublic, the USA and China and in the international sales network (where companies like In2Connect provide the local interface), more than 800 employees worlwide are responsible for world class development, production and service work. The fact that ept as a company is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 as well as ISO 14001:2004 ensures your safety.

ept Press-fit connections

An ept press-fit connection is made by pressing a pin into a plated-through hole in the printed circuit board. The main feature is the fact that the cross-section of the pin has a larger diameter than the plated-through hole in the PCB. When the pin is pressed into the hole, the excess material must be taken up either by deformation of the hole in the PCB or of the pin. Deformation of the pin (known as “Compliant pin”) has become established in the market for press-fit connectors. This flexible technology has many advantages:

  • Flexible response of the press-fit zone on the pin, achieves minimal strain on the plated-through hole
  • A larger hole tolerance of the plated-through drill holes is permissible in the printed circuit boards
  • Less press-fit forces are required, thus undesired side effects are reduced
  • Multiple press-fitting of contacts into the same PCB drill hole is possible

ept Press Fit DIN 41612 connectors

ept builds Press-Fit DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 (DIN connectors) in many variations of the Tcom press® press-fit zone for different printed circuit board thicknesses. Modifications and customized solutions are available to special order. ept offers a complete range of press-fit connector assembly tools, both type specific and “flat rock” (like Harting), thus a complete system solution from one source is guaranteed. ept and In2Connect also offer state of the art assembly machines. The resulting reduction of process costs as a result of improved “total cost of ownership” are clear advantages for the backplane builder.

The standards NFF 16-101 and NFF 16-102 serve to classify the non-metallic materials which are used in rolling stock applications with regard to flammability, smoke development and toxicity in case of a fire. The requirements for these connectors are derived from several factors such as the type of train, the frequency of tunnels it passes through and the mounting location of the connectors. From its broad range of DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 connectors ept
can offer C and F types with an insulator material that meets the high requirements of NFF 16-101 / NFF 16-102.
Other types are available on request.

The hardmetric connector system ept-hm 2.0

This was developed by ept to the international standard IEC 61076-4-101. Thus the backplane builder can rely on a worldwide standard for the connection of PCBs using connectors with a large number of contacts within a 2.00mm grid. One prime example for the use of hardmetric connectors is in CompactPCI applications.

ept PC/104 and PC/104-Plus

These connectors from ept are used in PC-compatible modules that are intermateable so as to set up a complete computing system. While the PC/104 Bus comprises two connectors with 40 and 64 pins and a grid of 2.54 mm the PC/104-Plus features 120 pins and a grid of 2.00 mm. VarPol connectors offer a wide range of possibilities for PCB connection solutions.

ept Advanced and MicroTCA connectors

To accommodate ever increasing data traffic and new communication services the PICMG® has developed the AdvancedTCA®, AdvancedMC™ and MicroTCA® specifications. ept offers a wide range of signal and power connectors for these new Ultra High Speed date transmission applications.

ept Colibri connectors – COM Express

ept’s Colibri® connector is a shielded, 2-row, SMD interconnect system in 0.5 mm pitch.Both connectors, Plug and Receptacle, will be available with 8 mm stacking height and 220 or 440 pins. They are designed to meet requirements according to specifications not only of PICMG COM Express®, but also of SFF-SIG Core Express® and nanoETXexpress. Additional versions with flexible pin count as well as multiple stack heights will be available consecutively.

ept Velox connectors – Highspeed Backplane connector for VPX VITA (46)

ept´s Velox® is a modular connector system for highspeed backplane applications developed for defense industry and other markets that require high performance systems. Velox® is designed to meet the harsh requirements of VITA 46 systems. The product series is available in four different types with the flexibility for customized pin assembly that allows designers to create a flexible backplane design. The 1.27 µm (50 micro inch) heavy gold plating and a rated durability of at least 200 mating cycles ensure a highspeed signal transmission during the entire lifetime of a system.

ept One27 PCB Connectors SMT with a 1.27mm pitch

One27 SMT connectors with their 1.27mm pitch include straight, right angle and IDC versions to provide robust, high reliability connections, compatible with other products from ERNI and Harting

ept Power Terminals

Power terminals are used to supply PCBs e.g. backplanes with power. The connection is made by means of commercially available cable lugs or with plug connections as well as optionally using a flat blade connection (FASTON).

ept Assembly Tools

By offering state of the art assembly machines ept provides a complete system solution from one source. The reduction of process costs and as a result an improved “Total cost of ownership” are clear advantages for the users. ept offers for the whole product range of press-fit connectors the suitable press-fit and support assembly tools and accessories ~ thus a complete system solution from one source is guaranteed.

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