EDAC Inc has extensive experience and success in the design and engineering of economical interconnect products. For the past twenty-five years their North American offices have been creating custom engineered solutions for a wide variety of applications and a broad base of customers ~ the possibilities are endless

Today EDAC combine the advantages of a North American engineering base with an Asian based high volume manufacturing capability. EDAC love different!

Edac and In2Connect are committed to providing its customers with products that are of a high quality, are competitively priced, and delivered on time.
Custom products can often be manufactured at a price comparable to a standard product; within a time window that has about the same delivery as other manufacturer’s standard product plus with a level of quality that exceeds ISO 9001. Edac’s engineering team, coupled with In2Connect’s sales engineering knowledge can take your “need” from a concept to a completed drawing in just a few days and accurate samples can be produced in as little as two weeks. EDAC customers have lots of choices – there are options for almost every component, dimension, material and configuration. The benefit for In2Connect/EDAC customers is they can have exactly the right connector for their specific application, at the right price and delivered in short time. Better still – we won’t need a massive order quantity to build you the right connector for your project. Edac’s custom engineered solutions are also subject to rigorous quality standards, being tested twice, once at the factory and once in Canada – to ensure that products meet rigorous North American and European standards.

As illustrated above, Edac offers a wide range of products including Card Edge, Rack and Panel, RJ45 & Telecom Jacks, USB & Firewire, E-Seal waterproof connectors, PLCC Sockets, D-Sub connectors, Pin Headers and custom cable assemblies.

EDAC Magnetic Pogo Connectors

EDAC’s new Magnetic Pogo Connectors are a reliable, precision made interconnect solution. Each connector has a long life span, making them an ideal choice for the fast moving world of consumer electronics.  The plugs and the sockets of the Pogo Connector pairs rely on a magnetic force to make and maintain a connection, whilst increasing the reliability and providing polarisation.  Featured in many personal electronic devices such as smart watches and laptop chargers, the magnets ensure a quick mating and un-mating process.

EDAC Inline plug and socket connectors – 140 series

EDAC’s 140 series inline plug and socket connectors are an economical wire-to-board connection. The simple crimp and poke contacts can crimp to wires and then insert into the housing. The male shrouded header mounts to boards, either through-hole or surface mount, and is available in vertical or right-angle configurations. Users can connect the two for a high continuity connection. The internal latches provide for excellent shock and vibration resistance. A pitch of 2mm conserves valuable board space and facilitates high-density connections. The space-saving design facilitates proper fit to new applications or provides for an easy drop in replacement.

For further information please see product overview video: 140 Series – Wire to Board Connectors and download the cross reference list of JST part numbers here

EDAC Rectangular connectors – 516 series

The EDAC 516 Series has outstanding reliability and performance in numerous safety and mission-critical applications. The 8.5 amp, 516 series, connectors are available in five circuit sizes 20, 38, 56, 90 and 120. The 56 circuit version of the EDAC 516 connector series with EMI/RFI shielding device and metal cover ~ types plug and receptacle are as shown below with either actuating screw or locknut. The superbly engineered, 8.5 Amp tuning fork type hermaphroditic contact is available with crimp; solder eye; pcb or wire wrap tail.

EDAC Rectangular connectors – waterproof 560-572 series

Space saving, low profile, the 10 Amp indoor/outdoor waterproof 572 Series connector, certified to IP67.

The EDAC 560-572 Series waterproof connector has a plastic latch providing both a locking mechanism and polarity. 5.8 mm contact spacing. Plug and receptacle in 1, 2 or 3 contact positions. Contact termination options include crimp and PC tail. Tools are available for contact installation, removal and crimping. The Series is able to carry current up to 10A. There are other similar groups of EDAC connector styles (2 amp, 10 amp, or 15 amp) Crimp contacts can be ordered pre-wired or separately on a carrier strip. From 2 to 5 pins (series 565 ~ 3A, 2.5mm pitch), 4 pin (Series 566 ~ 2A, 2.0mm pitch), 1 to 9 pins (series 567 ~ 5A, 5.9mm pitch), or single contact only (series 568 ~ 12A). Please ask us for further details or download the EDAC waterproof datasheets.

EDAC Card edge connectors – 700 series press-fit

Ultra-mate® is an EDAC-designed, special compliant section pin, used in press-fit versions of the card edge range and features a unique, high performance, profile designed to preserve the integrity of the solder lined hole and produce optimum conductivity and field serviceabillity together wfth production line efficiencies and convenience. Micro versions of these connectors are also available.

  • Compliant pin press fit technology with make before break hot swap capability
  • Solderless field serviceable board contacts in 0.100, 0.125 and 0.156 spacing
  • Gold-over-nickel plated contacts with nickel underlay, in PCB thru-hole or wirewrap terminations
  • Optional MBB technology allows for hot swapping circuit boards using make-before-break contacts
  • From 5 to 150 pins (0.100), 5 to 120 pins (0.125) or 5 to 86 pins (0.156)
  • Unique compliant pin design allows for low insertion force and no damage to boards
  • Also available in a press fit telecom ribbon connector style (Series B57 see Telecom Backplane Connector)

EDAC PCB Card edge connectors – 200/300 series

  • EDAC Card Edge connectors are available in 8,000 standard styles and 435,000 custom variations
  • Contact spacings of 0.050, 0.100, 0.125, 0.150, 0.156 and 0.200
  • Gold on contact mating area or gold over nickel contact plating
  • PCB thru-hole, wirewrap, solder eyelet, extender board tail, and other specialized contact options
  • From 2 to 188 contacts in single, bridged, and dual rows with or without card supports
  • Styles for many computer standards including the latest versions plus PCI, EISA and ISA

Contact spacing 0.050″
Contact spacing 0.100″
Contact spacing 0.125″
Contact spacing 0.150″
Contact spacing 0.156″
Contact spacing 0.200″

Card Edge contacts/Guides/Dimensions

Standard bend details/standard mounting details/Card guides/Uni guides/connector dimensions/tools

EDAC Metal-to-metal, 2 piece PCB connector series

High reliability two-piece metal-to-metal connectors with interlocking pins. Hermaphroditic contacts provide extremely reliable connection. Mounting hole and card guide pin options available for maximum mating reliability.
Available in 17, 23, 29, 35, 41 and 47 pin sizes.

EDAC RJ45/RJ11 Magnetic Jacks

Magnetic jacks are RJ45 modular jacks with integrated network magnetics. EDAC manufacture RJ11/ RJ45 single or stacked units with or without LEDs, with shielding and mounting options. Right angle mount or vertical mount in thru-hole PCB; some styles available in SMT. Gold flash or gold plated contacts, including high thickness gold plating for telecom. Shielded front ground, shielded rear ground, unshielded, or face shielded versions. Up to 8 ports ganged single row or 16 ports stacked as a dual row. Optional pair of LEDs in mixed combinations of green, orange, red, or yellow on receptacle face including bi-colour variations. Low or high profile types, keyed or unkeyed, with or without mounting flange.

EDAC USB and Firewire connectors

USB and IEEE 1394 FireWire products available in single or ganged styles. Right angle mount parallel with board, vertical mount perpendicular to board. Contacts are gold flash or gold plated (USB), gold plated on 1394 (to meet IEEE specification). USB Type A available in stacked right angle versions. Terminates with thru-hole PCB, SMT, or a variety of cable styles (with crimp pins). Type I, Type II and Type V crimp contacts available for cable variations. Complete over-moulded cable assemblies available in various lengths.

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