PCB Connectors

Two part PCB Connectors for printed circuits according to DIN EN 60603-2 have been a part of CONEC’s product range for many years. These connectors are used in equipment for data, measurement and control technology as well as power and industrial electronics. The advantage of the 41612 Connector families is that they all have the same or similar installation characteristics, which allows them to be used within a package. Depending on the area of application, 41612 connectors can be divided into three groups with regard to their current loading:

  • Low range approx. 2A
  • Medium range approx. 5A
  • High range approx. 15A

DIN 41612 (EN 60603-2) Connectors/Type B and C

Two of the most frequently used types in this EN 60603-2 series are type B and C connectors with up to a maximum 96 contacts. PCB Connector Type R is available for special applications as an inverted model, which is laterally reversed in comparison to type C. This product family also includes half configurations, whose numbers of contacts are reduced by half. Straight and angled solder, hand solder and Wire Wrap are available for the connections. Apart from the possibility of screwing the connectors to the printed circuit board, it is also possible to use a PCB clip to fix and secure them in place.

DIN 41612 (EN 60603-2) Connectors/Type M mixed loaded

The DIN 41612 Connector product family also includes type M, in which signal, coaxial and high power contacts can be combined into one insulating body. Apart from the types of connection specified for signal contacts, we also offer hand soldered as well as straight and angled soldered connections for the coaxial and high power contacts. The current load for high power contacts is 40A. The advantage here lies in the fact that the most diverse contacts can be integrated within the insulating body of the PCB Connector, which saves space and reduces costs during the layout process.

DIN 41612 (EN 60603-2) Connectors/Type D – E – F – G and H

DIN 41612 Connector types D, E, F, G and H are designed for applications with medium and high current loads. In these connectors the pitches between the contacts is greater. The number of contacts in this connector family ranges from 16 to 64-pin in the different configurations. The connection types available are straight and angled solder, Wire Wrap and Faston.

DIN 41651 Flat Cable Connector System

CONEC flat cable PCB Connectors correspond to DIN 41651 and fulfil all of the technical requirements demanded of this system. The plug connectors are supplied with short or long levers on the side that enable a secure connection to be made between the connector and plug connector. A Low Profile model is also available in addition to the plug connector. The socket connectors have a coded plug that aligns with the plug connector to ensure a secure connection and they are designed for flat cable AWG 28 in a pitch of 1.27mm. All of the common pin numbers from 10 to 64 are available for these PCB Connectors.

DIN 41617 Connectors

DIN 41617 connectors are still used in various industrial applications. The product range comprises male and female connectors in a 13, 21 and 31 pin configuration. Available connection types are straight and angled solder and hand solder. The contacts are available in silver and gold plating, depending on the application. In addition, the product range also includes a connector converter (PCB adapter), which converts from DIN 41617 to DIN EN 60603.

Compact PCI Connectors/ Advanced TCA Connectors

Market changes in the telecommunications sector put new demands on system suppliers. A consortium of renowned companies involved in the telecom industry, founded the PICMG group to develop and specify general standards for future systems architectures. These standards were established under the name CompactPCI and AdvancedTCA. These new platforms allow a compatible and modular design of systems with components of different suppliers. As an active member of the PICMG group CONEC is involved in the definition and development of standardized connection technology.

AdvancedTCA Connectors

“Zone 1″ Power Connectors for AdvancedTCA Applications with high power reserves from CONEC. The ATCA female connector is fitted onto the backplane of the system and the angled male connectors are used for the systems modules. Both versions are available with solder or press-fit contacts. Screw machined precision contacts are used for the solder version. For the press-fit version a screw machined mating site is combined with a stamped, flexible press-fit zone. This ensures a perfect and secure contact in the printed circuit board. CONEC offers the 22, 30 and 34-pin versions as optional models.

CompactPCI Connectors

The Compact PCI bus connector has been defined by the PICMG group in specification 2.0. Besides the standardized 47-pin connector according to PICMG 2.11 R1.0, variations have been developed for computer, industrial, medicinal and measurement applications. The CONEC product range covers a wide range of standard types of 47W23 and 38W23 connectors but also the compact sizes 26W11 and 24W9. Solder and press fit versions are available for a reliable PCB mount. Special types with pre- or post- mating contacts, inverted models, special assemblies and high current contacts are available on request for these connectors.

MicroTCA Connectors

Standardizing smaller and flexible systems for non telecommunication applications is target of MicroTCA specifications. CONEC offers the complete product range of MTCA.0 specified connectors. Power Module Input connectors type 7W2 and 9W4 are available as SMD versions or with integrated filter technology. The specified two piece connector system for current supply of the backplane conforms to the specifications regarding compatibility and performance. A high speed connector for AMC modules with integrated shielding makes the program perfect.

PC 104 Connectors

A well-known standard for industrial computing applications are the form factors of the PC 104 consortium. To build up the computer bus system the standards use specially defined connectors. CONEC offers the 40 and 64 contact ISA BUS connectors of the PC 104 standard as press-fit or solder version. Beneath the standardized types CONEC expanded the product range with a 100 contacts type and stack-through versions with a pin length of 17.0mm to realize different pole counts and higher module stacks.

PCB Connectors/PC 104plus Connectors

To build up the PCI bus system in accordance to PC 104 form factors another connector is described in PC 104plus specification. CONEC provides the 120 contacts PCI connector with 2.00mm pitch as press-fit version for the stack-through connector type and as pressfit or solder version for the terminal connector type. An applicable shroud for the backside of the PCB helps to connect modules together and is available with optional position pegs. The PC 104 and PC 104 plus PCB connector series is fitted using typical assembly equipment and machines.