CONEC is a recognized leader in the design, development, production and marketing of a wide range of connector solutions worldwide to such industries as telecom, datacomm, computer-peripherals, mass transportation, aviation, industrial electronics, test and measurement and the automotive industry. In2Connect have been the main supplier of CONEC product in the UK for a number of years and stock many items available for next day delivery.

Conec’s advanced connector products are manufactured in strategic locations around the globe. Each high calibre, cutting edge facility is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 and follows a high TQM (Total Quality Management) Standard.
To continually meet and surpass clients’ expectations, Conec’s modern, fully automated moulding and assembly machines are continually upgraded and their factory internal manufacturing systems are designed for optimum flexibility. Conec clients benefit from one of the most technically advanced in-house test laboratories in the interconnect sector.

An alliance of high quality materials, outstanding facilities, dependable distributors like In2Connect who understand the needs of their local business environment; and above all, advanced thinking ensures that CONEC delivers what you need, when you want it.

Conec D-sub I/O connectors

The dimensions of CONEC D-Sub connectors correspond to DIN 41652 and MIL-C-24308. These connectors are used in most branches of industry including the telecommunications, computer engineering, medicine and aviation sectors. The trapezoidal metal housing provides mechanical protection, electrical shielding and ensures a secure connection. CONEC predominantly uses turned (machined) precision contacts, which ensure a high degree of connection security. Conec standard and High Density dsub connectors are available in solder bucket, right angled and straight PCB solder versions.

Conec dsub hoods and backshells

CONEC offers an extensive range of hoods and backshells to suit all requirements. This ranges from plastic, metallised plastic, plastic with integrated shielding plate; up to a full metal construction. Full metal versions are often used in harsh environmentals or where they are required to absorb EMI/RFI interference. Special hoods are available for combination D-Sub connectors: these have a larger interior space to accommodate coaxial or high power contacts and to avoid unnecessary stress on the contacts and wires.

Conec combination d-sub

Combination D-Sub connectors can be used in a wide variety of applications. Different combinations of signal, high current, high voltage or coaxial contacts are possible within the standard d-sub metal shell. All common contact layouts and connection types are available. The advantage of these connectors is that they save space (footprint) on the rear side of the device and hence provide significant cost-savings. Solder type signal pins come ready loaded, but crimp pins are available loose. The high current, high voltage and coaxial contacts can be ordered separately or they can be purchased factory assembled.

Conec Filtered d-sub

D-subminiature connectors provide a favourable means of equipping electronic interfaces with different filter elements. Various filter technologies can be offered depending on the area of application and requirements.

CONEC filter dsub connectors are an effective solution to electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI). Solder bucket, straight PCB and right angled PCB are available with C, LC and Pi filters.

Conec water resistant d-subs to IP67

The CONEC waterproof IP67 d-sub system is particularly suitable for applications where dust and spray can impair the device’s functionality. Standard, High Density and Combination D-Sub connectors are sealed into a plastic or metal framework, which can be front or rear panel mounted. There is also a special plastic monobloc hood for the cable side that matches the system and will provide IP67 when mated with the panel connector

CONEC PCB Connector types – precis of the full PCB range of connectors

Conec DIN 41612/41617 connectors

DIN EN 60603-2 connectors for printed circuits have been a part of CONEC’s product range for many years. Two of the most frequently used types in this series are types B and C with up to a maximum 96 contacts. Type R is available for special applications and is a laterally reversed version of type C. The DIN 41612 family also includes half configurations. The DIN 41617 product range comprises male and female connectors in a 13, 21 and 31 pin configuration and Conec’s range also includes a connector converter (adapter), which converts from DIN 41617 to DIN EN 60603.

Conec M8 M12 connectors

Circular connectors for process control BUS Systems. The dimensions and construction of the CONEC SAL connector series meet IEC 61076-2-101. They are used in many applications in the field of automation technology, e.g. for simple signal transmission and power transmission or for data communication in field bus technology. The series comprises connectors with integral wires and assembly-ready constructions with different connection types in axial and angled configurations. A comprehensive range of flanged connectors/adapters are available for the device. Installation time, hence costs are drastically reduced through the use of connectors with integral cables. The choice of material and the construction of the connector enable it to be used in a dirty and damp industrial environment. When mated, these screw-locking connectors fulfil the requirements of protection class IP 67. The product range includes 3 to 8 pin axial and angled models in connector and adapter constructions, as well as connecting cables in different lengths. Cable properties can be optimised for specific applications. Such special applications can relate to chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, temperature stability, etc. CONEC has developed special products for these areas. Integral connectors and installation flanges made from special material are available for a temperature range up to 125°C for 6000 h; these are favoured in the food processing industry, where resistance to aggressive chemicals and high pressure cleaning is important. Field bus technology in the industrial sector has increased dramatically over the last few years. The construction of connectors for data communication are bus-specific. CONEC has offered connectors for Profibus DP and Industrial Ethernet from the start in this product series. Integral M12 x 1 connectors with corresponding pin layout coding (B and C coding) and installation flanges, which are defined in IEC 61076-2-101 and in the guidelines of the PNO (Profibus user organization), are available for both bus systems.

Conec Industrial RJ45 Ethernet Connectors IP67

The RJ45 connector is the most used interface in data communications. For industrial real-time-Ethernet, CONEC has developed a connector type RJ45 with a bayonet latching mechanism according to the IEC 61076-3-106 standard. This robust design with IP67 rating ensures reliable protection and easy connection under harsh environmental conditions.

Conec Industrial USB Connectors IP67

New from Conec, a bayonet locking USB 2.0 connector system, IP67 rated for harsh industrial environments. The IP67 USB Socket can be mounted on the front or rear side of enclosure panels with thickness up to 3.2 mm. This interface meets IP67 rating requirements when a mating connector is inserted or when covered with a secured protective cap. A USB 2.0 plug set is available for the cable side and there are also preassembled patch cords available in various IP protection designs and lengths. For heavy duty applications a metal version is available.

Conec Industrial Fibre Duplex LC connectors IP67

The Conec cable connector system accommodates a dual optical LC-Duplex connector in a ruggedised and durable all-metal housing. It features a bayonet locking mechanism and provides excellent Fibre Optic cable retention. The optical connection has dust caps to protect against dirt and dust, and dust and water resisting bayonet lock external caps can be fitted when the IP67 connectors are unmated.

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