Weipu “SP” Nylon threaded connectors IP68

IP68 “Pintail” Plastic Circular threaded coupling Connectors

The Pintail connector series offers low-cost, weathertight standard IP68 interconnection for industrial and marine applications in a range of body sizes



Pintail connectors build an indoor/outdoor interconnect system that offers the performance and reliability of MIL threaded connectors at the cost of a commercial (COTS) product. The SP11 (front panel mounting hole size 11mm), SP13 (front panel mounting hole size 13mm), SP17 (front panel mounting hole size 17mm), SP21 (front panel mounting hole size 21mm) and SP29 (front panel mounting hole size 29mm) series of multi-pin, threaded coupling connectors will provide IP68 integrity when mated (“Ingress of water in quantities causing harmful effects shall not be possible when the product is continuously immersed in water under conditions which shall be agreed between the manufacturer and the user”) and will work reliably indoors, outdoors and in harsh UV and hostile wet environments. Generally speaking environmental tests performed during design and qualification of IP68 Connectors are standardised to IP68 at a depth of 2 m and duration of 24 hours.

Using a combination of dual O ring sealing, high temperature PPS inserts, grommets and compression nuts, all insulator and contact areas in these connectors are fully sealed against environmental elements. The dual “O” rings (see above picture) mean that the integral backshell can be easily removed to allow accurate soldering of the incoming cable (see below). Plug and receptacle housings are keyed to ensure correct polarisation and tactile feedback when mating. Unlike many competitors’ products all the Pintail SP11 to SP29 connectors have the option of male or female contacts in any body shell; plus the ability to join cables with cable-end plug and in-line receptacle models.

Connector end caps are available to suit and IP68 integrity is achieved when male and female connectors are mated or when the IP68 end cap replaces a mating connector. Please see the following short video to view wiring procedure.

SP2111/S3II-1C | SP2110/P3II-1C | SP2110/P3II-1C | SP2111/S9II-1C | SP2110/S3II-1C | SP1311/S3I-1C | SP2111/S2II-1C | SP2111/S4II-1C | SP1310/P3I-1C | SP1311/S2II-1C | SP1310/P2II-1C | SP1310/S2II-1C | SP2112/S4-1C | SP1310/P4I-1N | SP2111/P2II-1C | SP2110/P2II-1C | SP2112/P4-1CSP2110/P5II-1C | SP2111/S3II-2C | SP1310/P3II-1C | SP1312/P2C | SP1310/P4II-1C | SP1312/S4C | SP2110/P2I-1N | SP1312/S5C | SP1310/P7II-1C | SP1310/S5II-1C | SP2110/S7II-1C | SP1312/P6C | SP1312/S7C | SP2111/S4II-2C | SP2110/P4II-2C | SP1310/S3II-1C | SP1310/S4II-1C | SP1311/P3II-1C | SP1311/P4II-1C | SP1311/S3I-1C | SP1312/P3 | SP1312/P4 | SP2110/S3II-1C | SP2111/S3II-1C | SP2111/S9II-1C

Now available in kits for ease of home installation our WCJK Series Waterproof Cable Joining Kits are supplied complete with all parts required to easily connect two cables together. The parts are rated to IP68 so are weatherproof and ideal for applications where cables may be immersed in shallow water or get wet frequently. Perfect for domestic use in such applications as ponds, water features, garden lighting and home security. There are also many commercial/ industrial applications within agriculture, food production, lighting and renewable energy. The range is available with 2 to 5 contacts using screw termination so only a screwdriver is required to terminate. Choose between 2 sizes to suit the outside diameter (OD) of your cable (kit does not include cable) to ensure the connectors have the perfect IP68 fit. The small OD version accepts cable OD 4.5 to 7mm and large OD version accepts cable OD of 7 to 12mm.



Key Features

Key Features

  • Conform to industry standard 11mm, 13mm, 17mm, 21mm and 29mm panel cutouts
  • Solder contacts as standard, screw contacts available to order on lead time
  • Threaded coupling for positive mating with key/keyway orientation
  • SP13 in 2 to 9 pole, SP17 in 2 to 10 pole, SP21 in 2 to 12 pole
  • Low cost, dual O ring sealing
  • Male or female contacts in any shell type
  • Cable joining plug and in-line socket
  • RoHS Compliant and CE Approved
  • Factory tested under 2 metres of water for 1 week
  • 500 mating cycles
  • Available in kits of mating pairs in 2 to 5 way

A similar, screened, metal shelled, push-pull locking connector is available (see SF), also rated IP67




  • Shell – Nylon 66, flammability rated V-0
  • Insulator – High temp PPS (260 degrees C)
  • Contacts – Gold over nickel plated brass
    Solder bucket termination ~ 2 to 12 Male or Female


  • Current
    SP13 : 2 and 3 pole 13A (wire size 14AWG, 2.0mm²)
    SP13 : 4, 5, 6, 7 pole 5A (wire size 18AWG, 0.75mm²)
    SP13 : 9 pole 3A (wire size 18AWG, 0.75mm²)SP17 : 2 and 3 pole 10A (wire size 14AWG, 2.0mm²)
    SP17 : 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 pole 5A (wire size 18AWG, 0.75mm²)SP21 : 2, 3, 4 5 and 5B pole 30A (wire size 11AWG, 4.0mm²)
    SP21 : 5C and 7 pole 15A (wire size 14AWG, 2.0mm²)
    SP21 : 9, 12 pole 5A (wire size 18AWG, 0.75mm²)NB ~ if using SCREW type contacts on the SP21 connector, the max wire cross-section is about 1.5 sq.mm so above Amperages will be considerably down rated
  • VoltageSP13 : 250V – 2, 3 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1500V
    SP13 : 200V – 4 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1500V
    SP13 : 180V – 5 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1000V
    SP13 : 125 V – 6, 7 and 9 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1000VSP17 : 500 V – 2, 3, 4 and 5 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1500V
    SP17 : 500 V – 2, 3, 4 and 10 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1200VSP21 : 500 V – 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 12 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1500V
    SP21 : 400 V – 12 pole : Test Voltage (AC V) 1 min = 1200V
  • Contact ResistanceSP13 : 2 and 3 pole 2m
    SP13 : 4, 5, 6, 7 pole 5m Sign
    SP13 : 9 pole 10m SP17 : 2 and 3 pole 2.5m
    SP17 : 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 pole 5m SP21 : 2, 3, 4 and 5 pole 1m
    SP21 : 5B pole 2.5m /1.0m
    SP21 : 5C and 7 pole 2.5m
    SP21 : 9 and 12 pole 5.0m
  • Insulation Resistance – 2,000m


  • Mechanical operations – 500 Min
  • Cable O/D range
    SP13 Type I = 4.0 – 6.5mm
    SP13 Type II = 5.0 – 8.0mmSP17 = 6.0 – 10.00mmSP21 Type I = 4.5 – 7.0 mm
    SP21 Type II = 7.0 – 12.0 mm


  • Working temperature : -25 to +85 degrees C.
  • IP Rating = IP68 when mated
    Sealing caps available to maintain IP68 rating

Indicative Types

  • SP1310/P* Cable Plug male(mates with SP1311, SP1312)
  • SP1310/S* Cable Plug female (mates with SP1311, SP1312)
  • SP1311/P* Cable Socket male (mates with SP1310)
  • SP1311/S* Cable Socket female (mates with SP1310)
  • SP1312/P* Panel Socket male (mates with SP1310)
  • SP1312/S* Panel Socket female (mates with SP1310)
  • SP1710/P* Cable Plug male(mates with SP1711, SP1712)
  • SP1710/S* Cable Plug female (mates with SP1711, SP1712)
  • SP1711/P* Cable Socket male (mates with SP1710)
  • SP1711/S* Cable Socket female (mates with SP1710)
  • SP1712/P* Panel Socket male (mates with SP1710)
  • SP1712/S* Panel Socket female (mates with SP1710)
  • SP2110/P* Cable Plug male (mates with SP2111, SP2112, SP2113)
  • SP2110/S* Cable Plug female (mates with SP2111, SP2112, SP2113)
  • SP2111/P* Cable Socket male (mates with SP2110)
  • SP2111/S* Cable Socket female (mates with SP2110)
  • SP2112/P* Panel Socket male, “D” hole jamnut fixing (mates with SP2110)
  • SP2112/S* Panel Socket female, “D” hole jamnut fixing (mates with SP2110)
  • SP2113/P* Panel Socket male, Front panel 2 screw fixing (mates with SP2110)
  • SP2113/S* Panel Socket female, Front panel 2 screw fixing (mates with SP2110)SP1311/S7


The stamped and formed solder terminations (screw machined brass on the SP21 range) are plated gold over nickel in cable free plug, in-line cable receptacle and front loading jam nut panel mounting receptacle options all of which can be used in applications where moisture, high humidity, water or dust could be a problem. SP21 connectors are available to order on a factory lead time with screw or crimp contacts. Screw contact types supplied in kits of mating pairs for simple joying of cables – see Datasheet

The front panel fixing SP2113 has the same panel cut-out and elliptical 2 hole fixing (hole size 22mm) as Amphenol C16-1 and Binder 693 type receptacles. The SP2113 will not mate with Amphenol C16-1 and Binder 693 (for that see Series WA22), but a mated pair of Pintail SP21 can replace them and provide IP68 rating.

These connectors are RoHS compliant, CE approved, small, lightweight and extremely cost-effective when compared to their metal counterparts ~ without compromising the integrity of the interconnection.

To prevent loss of the IP68 rating, not only for the connector, but also for the complete device, make sure that the cable fits the specified clamping diameter of the cable gland; that the integral O-rings are properly seated and that the connector (which comes apart in 2 places) is screwed together correctly and tightly.

Pintail connectors are designed for at least 500 mating cycles and can accommodate cable diameters from 3 to 12mm. In2Connect’s SP connectors are not copies of similar products supplied by Bulgin, Hirose, Farnell Multicomp etc and are not designed to mate with connectors from those manufacturers