Series 26 Blue Range Rack & Panel Connectors

These connectors are similar in “form and function” to ITW McMurdo Red Range connectors, but not “fit”, as their mounting plates are larger and the connector mouldings do not intermate with the Red Range. Built as 8 contact keyway polarised plus 16 and 24 way dowel polarised they are available to order at factory MOQs and lead times.



These Blue Range connectors have a Diallyl-Phthalate (DAP) insulator for more severe environments. They are available in 8, 16 and 24 way configurations
with 180º keyway polarisation (8 way) or dowel pin and floating bushes on the receptacle (16 and 24 way) to prevent mismatching.

The contacts are gold-plated over nickel with solder eyelet tails. A make and break cycle of at least 500 (max. cycle dependant on mode of operation) makes them highly reliable. With an estimated 25 year service life in the mated condition they offer a very low life-cycle cost in electronic power transfer applications.



Key Features

Key Features

  • Rugged construction
  • 180 degree polarised
  • Keyway or dowel polarised for blind mating
  • Floating bushes to assist alignment when used in the rear of card racks, etc
  • Excellent current carrying ‘self-wiping’ contacts
  • Solder eyes for cable mounting
  • 8 way – keyway polarised
  • 16 & 24 way – dowel polarised
  • Low initial and “life-cycle” costs compared to alternative interconnect options.



  • Insulator – DAP
  • Contact
    Socket – gold over nickel -plated Phosphor Bronze
    Plug – Gold over nickel-plated Brass
  • Mounting plates – Passivated Stainless Steel
  • Latching bushes – Bright nickel-plated Brass
  • Dowels – Nickel-plated Aluminium


  • Current (All contacts simultaneously) – 5 Amp max
  • Working Voltage – 750 V rms
  • Proof Voltage – 1200 V rms
  • Contact Resistance – 11 milliohms max.
  • Insulation Resistance – 5000 Megohms min


  • Mechanical Operations – 500 min. to upper figure dependant upon mode of usage
  • Insertion Forces
    8 Way – 3.7Kgs Max
    24 Way – 11.0Kgs Max
  • Withdrawal forces –
    8 Way – 150gms min.
    24 Way – 450gms min


  • Climatic – -50° to 125°C


The DAP insulator of these Blue Range panel connectors will withstand -50°C to 125°C. Rugged and heavy duty they are superb in industrial/commercial equipment like bank ATM, vending and office machines, gaming equipment, mobile radios, TV cameras and industrial control applications where larger gauge wires of up to 16AWG are required.

Two wide, positive pressure contact points produce a self-cleaning and wiping action to keep surfaces clean for low-resistance and continuity. The strong, low insertion force, self-wiping contacts of these connectors are designed such that the plug and socket will self-align. This makes Series 26 Blue Range connectors ideal as power edge card connectors for inaccessible applications such as the rear of sliding trays and panels, on cable ends or even as battery connections in hand held measuring instruments. They have been specifically designed to prevent misalignment and damaged contacts in such “blind” mating. These cost efficient rack & panel connectors are capable of handling 5 Amps per contact (all contacts simultaneously) at 100°C ambient and 750V rms.