PC/104 Connectors

PC/104 and PC/104-Plus

Simply stack it – with ept press-fit technology!

These connectors are compatible with the PC104 industry standard for embedded PC applications, designed for stacking boards with a common bus. Despite their extremely small dimensions (96 mm x 90 mm), these PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors from In2Connect offer complete hardware and software compatibility with a standardized bus system (ISA). This standardization makes it possible for different PC/104 cards to be used together in order to fulfill a specific performance requirement.



PC/104 is an embedded computer standard defined by its compact footprint and its stacking bus structure. In essence, PC/104 is a modular, ruggedised version of the PC. Instead of using a backplane, PC/104 modules mate together via stackable ISA, PCI, and PCIe bus connectors. The stackable connectors and asymmetric corner mounting holes create a compact and modular rugged system. The design and location of the PC/104 connectors (ISA, PCI, and PCIe) allow PC/104 modules to be connected or stacked like building blocks. A PC/104 stack might include a CPU (single board computer), a power supply module, and peripheral modules such as data collection modules, network modules, or storage devices. Modules within a PC/104 stack are joined by stand-offs. As more powerful components have been developed, the PC/104 systems has been supplemented with the faster PCI bus system, resulting in the PC/104-Plus specification.

While the PC/104 bus comprises two connectors with 40 and 64 pins which can be placed side-by-side and a grid size of 2.54 mm, the PC/104-Plus features 120 pins with a distance of 2.00 mm. By using connectors with long press-fit pins, several boards can be stacked on top of each other. The clearances specified by the PC/104 consortium are ensured by using spacers and shrouds. The additional use of spacing bolts is therefore not required. The superior option for applying a long tail stack-through connector is with compliant pin technology. Adopted by the telecom industry many years ago, ept press fit technology has proven itself to be a cost-effective alternative to soldering connectors to a board. The compliant pins on the connector are designed to deform during the “press-in” process, resulting in an extremely tight and reliable connection to the PCB.

962-60206-03 | 962-60206-12 | 962-60202-03 | 962-60202-12 | 962-60326-03 | 962-60326-12 | 962-60322-03 | 962-60322-12 | 962-40206-03 | 962-40202-03 | 962-40326-03 | 962-40322-03 | 264-60303-02 | 264-60303-12 | 120 264-40303-02 | 272-30000-31 | 264-17302 | 264-16302


Key Features

Key Features

  • ept are a PC/104 and PC/104-Plus Embedded Consortium Member
  • Press-fit compliant pins which compress as a result of insertion into the PCB ‘through hole’
  • Male and Female connectors can be pressed in with the same ept press-fit tool in one single step ~ offering significant time-savings in production.
  • No complex manual soldering ~ lower labour costs
  • No reworking at the rear mating zone (solder bridges, solder splashes)
  • Female connectors can be mounted cost-effectively due to flat rock technology.
  • Lower engaging and separating forces so bending of the rear mating zone is prevented
  • VarPol straight pin headers, female connectors and sockets
  • Within the scope of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus applications, ept can offer customer-specific solutions with 2.0 mm and 2.54 mm grid.
  • Press-fit tooling and machines are available



  • Insulator – PBT glas filled, UL94V-O
  • 40 to 120 contacts on 2.54mm pitch: PC/104 | 2.00mm pitch: PC/104+
  • Contact – Copper alloy
  • Contact surface plating – Gold over Nickel


  • Current:
    PC/104 max. 1.9A
    PC/104-Plus 1.7A max.
  • Working Voltage: PC/104 = 150 V
    PC/104-Plus = 100 V
  • Contact Resistance – < 20m Ohm
  • Insulation Resistance – > 10 to 6th MΩ


  • Insertion and withdrawal force (per contact): PC/104 Insertion 0.9N max. Separating 0.6N
    PC/104-Plus Insertion 1.5N max. Separating 0.3N


  • Operating Temperature – -55C to +125C


  • PC/104
  • PC/104-Plus
  • PC/104-Plus straight headers
  • PC/104 shrouds
  • Socket connector


The older standard PC/104 bus uses the PC/XT, and PCAT card specification (IEEE P996). PC/104-Plus allows the addition of the PCI bus onto the card. The PC/104-Plus adds another connector to accommodate the PCI signals. In other words a PC104 card is just like the old Personal Computer PC-XT interface card, or PC-AT interface card, and the PC104-Plus board is just like an older mother board with ISA slots and PCI slots. This latter standard is widely used for embedded computing application

  • Complete single-board computers
  • I/O boards for digital or analog I/O
  • Boards for CAN, Profibus, LON,Ethernet
  • PCMCIA boards
  • PC/104
  • PC/104-Plus
  • Board-to-Board for PCB distance 15.24 mm and 22 mm