Nicomatic DMM

Known for its CMM series connectors, mainly in defence and avionics, Nicomatic launches a new connector series. The new DMM series is a robust, compact and shock resistant connector registered under trademark MICRO-D-MIX ™ and can incorporate high frequency and/or high power in 1 through 4 rows of up to up to 120 contacts to the MIL-DTL-83513G (Micro-D standard)



Nicomatic DMM series is a rugged, compact and shock resistant connector system. The connector is available in an all LF or mixed-layout configuration incorporating high frequency and/or high power in 1 through 4 rows of up to up to 120 contacts complying with MIL-DTL-83513G (Micro-D standard)

DMM connectors offer a high pin density (2mm pitch for signal contacts), as well as hybrid contacts (low frequency, high power), which contribute to equipment miniaturization. Compared to Micro-D connectors they offer a higher density, a lower profile and thus offer a much lighter solution.

Nicomatic fixings are the same whether you use a male or female connector, covers are mountable without modifying the front or rear panel and the philosophy of the system is to be modular. The addition of a metal shield enables resistance to external factors such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), and grounding. The cover design is a good match to the back shell and leads to cost reduction.

Key Features

Key Features

  • High density package and small footprint
  • Signal, power and coax contacts
  • Removable crimp contact
  • Front/rear panel mounting, straight/90° cable/pcb
  • Cost effective solution
  • According to MIL-DTL-83513G or MIL-DTL-55302F test routine
  • EMI 360° Shielding and backshell options
  • Board-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire
  • Low Frequency (LF): 3A
  • High Frequency (HF): 6GHz
  • High Power (HP): 5/8/10/15/20A



  • Shell- Aluminium 6061 type alloy – Chemical Nickel plating 10μ
  • Insert- Special PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide Fibreglass filled thermoplastic) UL 94-V0
    Radiation resistance / No humidity absorption / Oxygen free
    Note: PPS characteristics are recognized for space applications
    Insert retention: 50 pounds per sq. inch
  • Fixing hardware- Jackscrew: Passivated Stainless steel 300 series
  • LF contacts for PCB:
    Male: Contact area : Copper alloy / Ni + Au > 1μ
    Tail : copper alloy / Ni + Au flash 0,1μ min
    Female: Clip: Beryllium copper / Ni + Au > 1,25μ
    Body : Copper alloy / Ni + Au 0,2μ min
  • LF crimp contacts:
    Male: Copper alloy / Ni + Au > 1μ
    Female: Clip: Beryllium copper / Ni + Au > 1,25μ
    Body : Copper alloy / Ni + Au 0,2μ min
  • Material for HF / HP 30 series contacts
    Spring parts- Beryllium copper / Ni + Au > 0,5μ
    Other parts- Copper alloy/Ni + Au > 0,5μ (body), Ni + Au > 0,75μ (inner contact), Ni + Au >0,1μ (tail)
    Insulator- PTFE (HF)
    Retaining clip- Be/Cu Ni plated 3μ


  • Electrical for low frequency (LF) contacts
    Rated current 3 A max@25°C / 2.2 A max@85°C
    Rated voltage (sea level) 200 Vrms
    Withstanding voltage (sea level) 600 Vrms
    Breakdown voltage (sea level) 800 Vrms
    Contact resistance (initial) 8.7 mΩ max
    Insulation resistance 5 GOhm min
  • Electrical for high power (HP 30 series) contacts
    Rated voltage 500 VRMS
    Withstanding voltage 1500 VRMS
    Rated Current 30 A max
    Contact resistance (initial) 3 mΩ max
  • Electrical for high frequency (HF 30 series) contacts
    Impedance 50Ohm /75Ohm
    Insulation resistance 10 power 6 MΩ / 250V (RMS)
    SWR (stationary wave ratio) < 1.05 + 0.04 F (GHz)
    Frequency range 6 GHz (depending on cable)
    Insulation between 2 contacts -100 dB (depending on cable)


  • Mechanical for LF Contacts
    Durability 500 cycles min
    Contact engagement/separation force 2 N max. / 0.2 N min
    Contact retention in insulator (initial) 10 N min
    Contact replacement in insulator 3 cycles (contact on cable without backpotting)
  • Mechanical for HF / HP 30 series contacts
    Durability 500 cycles
    Contact engagement/separation force 2 N max / 0.5 N min
    Secure overlapping 1.30 mm
    Contact replacement in insulator 5 cycles (contact on cable only)


  • Temperature range From -55°C to +125°C. Complies with Pb-free reflow T° profile
  • Vibration severity 10 to 2000Hz / 15g / 3 axis / 12 cycles per axis.(no signal interruption > than 1 μs)
  • Shock severity 100g for 6 ms sawtooth. (no signal interruption > than 1 μs)
  • Salt spray 48h, 5% NaCl
  • Solvent resistance HcFc 141 bMGX (ATOCHEM) solvent

Contact Arrangement

  • 2mm pitch, from 1 to 4 rows, from 2 to 120 contact shell size


  • Low frequency (LF): 3A up to 5A signal contact
  • High frequency (HF): 6GHz up to 11GHz coax contact
  • High power (HP): 5/8/10/15/20A up to 30A power contact


Their compact design is ideal for miniature and portable devices or equipment used in the field, as well as on-board electronics, rack and panel. For example the right angle (V type) connector offer the most compact solution seen on the market. The connectors are designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions and comply with MIL-DTL-83513G (Micro-D standard). The qualification tests are passed with the EIA procedure.

In creating a connector system with a lower profile than the traditional MICRO-D, and in using standard components (fixings, HF, HP, LF contacts etc.), the cost of the product is reduced. In the same panel cut-out one can either use a male or female connector as the shape and size fit to the hole. This is true both for rear and front mounting.