Nicomatic CMM Series 340 Mixed


Nicomatic innovation creates even more capability of design with the CMM340 series. By introducing the series 22 Power/ Coax contacts into the familiar 2mm pitch, 3 row CMM320 connector, almost every design choice is now possible



This new series of micro-connectors offers the widest possible mixed layout choice present on the market today, up to 120 low frequency contacts, 64 high frequency or high power contacts, or virtually any combination of the three contacts. Coaxial high frequency contacts allow high speed signals up to 6GHz and high power (Series 22 up to 10 Amp and Series 30 up to 20 Amp). There are thousands of design capabilities providing a cost effective solution for your needs. The NICOMATIC CMM 340 Mixed Interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with 3 rows of LF contacts with HP or HF. High density, mixed layout, minimum of 6 LF contacts with up to 64 special High Frequency or High Power contacts. Proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions. The Nicomatic CMM range was designed for use in aerospace, instrumentation and control, military and transportation sectors with applications to date including IFES, HUD, flight controls, FADEC units, radar, missiles, optoelectronic sighting systems, space satellites, mobile radios, power supplies, UAVs and engine controls

Key Features

Key Features

  • Board-to-board, board-to-wire and wire-to-wire connections
  • High density ­ saves up to 50% space and weight over conventional connectors or Sub-D
  • Mixed layout, LF, HF and HP in one footprint
  • Min. 6 LF contacts and up to 64 HF or HP contacts (series 22), up to 2500 mating cycles
  • High reliability contact design for harsh environment usage
  • MIL-DTL-55302F and BS-9525-F0033 compliant
  • Resistant to solvents, radiation + oxygen free
  • RoHS and Reach compliant with tin whiskers free, gold plated contacts
  • 260ºC insulator allows infrared, wave or vapour phase
  • Secure latched or jackscrew locking for anti-vibration interconnection



  • Insulator: Special PPS recognised for space applications
  • High Power/High frequency Contacts:
    Insulator: PTFE (HF)
    Spring Loaded Parts: Be/Cu gold plated
    Other Metal Parts: Copper alloy
    Retaining Clip: Be/Cu Ni plated


  • High Power Contact:
    Intensity: Series 30 = 20 A, Series 22 = 10A
    Contact resistance: max 6mΩ
    Max voltage (sea level): 1000V (RMS)
    Operating voltage (sea level: 180 V AC/500mA
  • High Frequency Contact:
    Impedance: 50Ω/ 75Ω
    Insulation resistance: 106 MΩ / 250V (RMS)
    SWR Frequency range: Series 30 = 6 Ghz Series 22 = 1.5 Ghz
    Insulation between 2 contacts: -100dB (depending on cable)


  • Operating Temperature: -60ºC to + 260ºC
  • Salt spray test: 96 hrs
  • Humidity test: 56 days @ 90% humidity


  • Mechanical operations: Up to 2500 cycles
  • Contact insertion force: From 0.60 to 5 N per contact
  • Contact withdrawal force: From 0.50 to 2 N per contact
  • Secure overlapping: 1.30mm
  • Contact replacement in insulator: 50 cycles for HF/HP 30 series, 5 cycles for HF/HP 22 series.


Nicomatic CMM micro-connectors are designed to meet or exceed the relevant electrical and environmental performances described in MIL-DTL-55302F and BS9525-F0033 standards. The Nicomatic CMM micro-connectors high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions of use ~ vibration, shock severity, high temperature (250°C for 1000 hours exceeding the 85°C per the MIL), humidity, salt spray, corrosion and high altitude (70,000 ft) has fulfilled the most rigorous requirements under the MIL-DTL55302F qualification test routine and EIA test procedures. The high level of modularity in the CMM340 mixed layout family makes them especially suited for space and weight-contained applications such as unmanned aircraft.

Nicomatic has developed back potting services and shapes as a fast, flexible and reliable solution for harness protection in the CMM Connector Series. These backpotting solutions provide protection from moisture or debris to the contacts while offer strain relief to the wire and cable as an effective alternative to overmolding or backshells. CMM340 use extended walls in the housings allowing them to be filled and protect terminated contacts.