Machined pin Standard D Sub Connectors

High Performance D-Sub Connector

Designed for demanding industrial applications, these Conec and In2Connect own brand “Standard” d-sub connectors have precision turned contacts, suitable for a minimum of 500 operations.



In2Connect stock a wide range of machined pin ‘D’ subminiature connectors: plugs, sockets, hoods and accessories from 9 to 50 way. Flame retardant glass filled polyester GF insulators and gold over nickel plated machined contacts are housed in zinc or tin plated steel shells. D-sub plugs can have dimpled shells to ensure good conductivity for EMI/RFI shielding.

Because of their machined, circular cross-section, turned contacts have a lower electrical transfer resistance than their stamped and formed counterparts and provide a stronger, more durable interfacing solution. This means that male and female d-sub connectors fit more precisely together and give a more reliable connection with more tolerance to vibration.

The part-numbering system used on many d-sub connectors is based on the American topology using “D” as the prefix for the whole series, followed by a letter denoting the shell size (A=15 pin, B=25 pin, C=37 pin, D=50 pin, E=9 pin), followed by the actual number of pins, followed by the gender (P=plug, S=socket). For example, DB25S denotes a D-sub with a 25 position shell size and a 25 position female contact configuration. The Conec range from In2Connect adopts an alpha/numeric part numbering system, so for example DB25S would be a Conec 164A10039X ~ for further info please download the respective data sheets.

There are two differing d-sub PC Board between row “footprints”, the American MIL-C, where the contacts are spaced approximately 0.108 inches (2.74/2.77mm) apart with the rows spaced 0.112 inches (2.84 mm) apart and the European which is generally 2.74/2.77mm (0.108″) between contacts and 2.54mm between rows. This is a very important consideration to PCB design engineers and is easily picked up from the PDF files we publish from Conec and our In2Connect own-brand etc. Please call us if you are in any doubt about PCB footprints. Because the dimensions of d-sub connectors are generally in accordance with IEC 60807-2 (was DIN 41652), BS9523 F0018, MIL-C-24308 and satisfy IEC Recommendation 48B; they are compatible and interchangeable across manufacturers. The dsub standard D connector range is vast but In2Connect generally has the solution.

161A18309X | 161A18299X | 163A14609X | 165X15449X | 163A14609X | 164A10039X | DM9SP | DM9SS | DM15SP | DM15SS | DM25SP | DM25SS | DD-09-M-T-B-M | DD-09-F-T-B-M | DD-15-F-T-B-M | DD-25-F-T-B-M | DRBM-09F-TBG-9.4 | DRBM-09M-TBG-9.4 | DRBM-15F-TBG-9.4 | DRBM-25F-TBG-M

Overview of Machined Pin Standard D Sub Connectors

In2Connect UK’s machined pin standard D Sub connectors provide a robust and reliable solution for various connectivity needs. These D type connectors are designed with precision-machined pins, ensuring secure and consistent connections for industrial and military applications.

High-Quality Construction

These connectors feature flame-retardant glass-filled polyester insulators and gold-over-nickel plated machined contacts, housed in zinc or tin-plated steel shells. This construction enhances durability and ensures excellent conductivity and shielding against EMI/RFI, making them suitable for demanding environments.

Versatile Configurations

Available in configurations ranging from 9 to 50 pins, these Dsub connectors offer flexibility for different project requirements. The connectors are built to withstand a minimum of 500 mating cycles, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Ideal Applications

In2Connect’s D sub connectors are ideal for applications in telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial settings. We adhere to rigorous quality standards, reflecting our commitment to providing reliable and high-performance components. For professionals seeking durable and high-quality D sub connectors, In2Connect’s machined pin options are an excellent choice. Our precision engineering and quality materials makes us a trusted component for ensuring robust and dependable connections.

Key Features

Key Features

  • In2Connect and Conec ‘standard D’ turned pin d-subs meet the most demanding requirements.
  • Precision turned contacts. Available in five shell sizes, providing up to 50 contacts.
  • Solder bucket, p.c., 90 degree p.c. and wire wrapping termination styles – to suit all your d type connector applications.
  • D-sub tinned and dimpled shell options – for enhanced electrical continuity and effective EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Wide range of d-sub accessories for greater user flexibility; including threaded insets 4-40 UNC or M3
  • optional screwlocks and solderable boardlocks fitted to straight and 90 degree p.c. versions – meaning reduced assembly time.



  • Shell – Steel plated Nickel or Tin over nickel
  • Insulator – Thermoplastic rated UL94V-0
  • Contact – Copper alloy plated acid gold


  • Current Individual contact (in isolation) 5A @ 20ºC Tamb
  • All contacts simultaneously 3.3A @ 70ºC Tamb
  • Working voltage 300Vdc or ac peak
  • Proof voltage 1000Vdc or ac peak
  • Contact Resistance 10m max
  • Insulation Resistance 5G min


  • Mechanical Operations – 500


  • Operating Temperature – -55C to +105C

Contact Arrangement

  • 9,15,25,37 and 50

Mounting Options

  • Standard fixing holes
  • Float mount for rear panel mounting
  • Boardlocks fitted
  • Rivetted
  • 4-40 UNC or M3 threaded inserts fitted
  • Screw mounted
  • 90 degree brackets and stabiliser with screwlock fitted
  • Screwlock fitted


Historically the widest application of D-subs has been in RS 232 serial communications. RS-232 devices originally used the DB25 25-pin D-sub, but for many applications the less common signals were omitted, allowing a DE9 D-sub to be used. Female connectors are normally fitted to the device and male connectors at the cable , but PCs often tend to have male connectors at the device, while modems may have female connectors.

In2Connect stock product from Conec and others. A choice of many termination styles including crimp are available making this range one of the most versatile:

  • Solder-bucket contacts with cavity for hand-soldering
  • Insulation Displacement contacts (IDC) for use with flat ribon cables
  • Crimp and poke home contacts
  • Wire wrap contacts for prototyping.
  • Straight and 90 degree p.c. terminations
  • Surface mount contacts
  • Press-fit contact tails

….but if not in stock then a minimum order value may apply.