M12 loose field attachable

M8/M12 Connectors are the defacto standard for sensor connection in industrial machinery and factory automation. The M8/M12 standard is also ideal for applications where a compact, reliable connection system with IP67 environmental protection or extra heat resistance is required. These field attachable connectors provide the freedom and flexibility to react to the cabling situation on site or to build your own M12 cables.



M-style connectors are categorised by the size of the threaded locking nut; these include M8, and M12 connectors. Tough and robust, these waterproof, circular screw connectors are the de-facto standard in the process industry for reliable automated connections: protected to IP67 and Food + Beverage Industry types to IP69K. The M8/M12 standard is also ideal for applications where a compact, reliable connection system with IP67 environmental protection or extra heat resistance is required. M8/M12 connectors provide a future-proof interface that supports higher-bandwidth needs, meeting the requirements of up to 10GB/s.

M12 connectors may be coded. The common used keyed types are:

A-Coded; 5 and 8 pin used with Sensors and Actuators

B-Coded; 4 pin used with field buses like Profibus

D-Coded; 4 pin used with 100MB Industrial Ethernet

P-Coded; 4 pin used with EtherCAT-P

S & T-Coded; used for Power transmission

X-Coded; 8 pin used with 10 Gbps Ethernet (Cat 6A) ideal for high speed industrial automation data networks
Support TIA-568, ISO/IEC11804 Cat6A up to 500MHz

Field attachable connectors from CONEC give you the freedom and flexibility to react to the cabling situation on site or to build your own M12 cables. Field-attachable connectors allow for stripped wire to be attached to the connector in the field using a simple screwdriver tool. This facilitates a faster, less complicated installation. Contacts accept wire cross-sections of max. 1.5 mm² including wire-end sleeve. With a wire cross-section of 1.5 mm², the connector is able to transmit up to 7.5 A per contact.

Connectors exported for use in North America, should be UL-certified. Compliance with the US safety regulations is evidenced by a certification mark of “Underwriters Laboratory”. To gain Certification, the manufacturer must prove that they comply with the specified safety requirements. Because of the International nature of our business, the field attachable connector versions of the M8x1 and M12x1 series from Conec are now UL-approved in accordance with UL 2238. In addition to the standard products with A coding (M8x1 and M12x1), the B and D coded variants (M12x1), axial or angled with the corresponding rated voltage and current rating values, are also certified.

For example, some cables may be challenging to install, due to the need to be fed through small holes. Circular connectors that can be terminated in the field solve this problem, compared to buying double-ended, over-moulded cable assemblies that require holes or spaces of 20 mm or more. Also, if the exact cable length is unknown, the cable length may be sized on the job, which avoids order errors. Practical, cost-effective and, above all, flexible solutions for quick cabling are required for both small series as well as special purpose machines. This programme comprises 4 or 5 pole connectors and adapters with anti-vibration locking – in a straight or angled construction as well as in shielded versions. You can choose between screw and clamp connections as well as a maximum cable diameter of 6 or 8mm. Field-attachable connectors are available in axial construction as well as a 90-degree angled construction. This also provides a lower profile/clearance advantage for tight space installations.

CONEC M12 field attachable crimp contact connectors are available in A, B, D, P and X coding. The CONEC M12 Crimp X-coded is designed for Ethernet applications with data rates up to 10 Gigabit/s, allowing applications with high data rates to be implemented in an industrial environment. The turned crimp contacts can take stranded wire cross-sections from AWG 28 to AWG 22 (for X-coding) and from AWG 24 to AWG 18 (for A-, B- and D-coding) and are thus suitable for a wide range of commercial industrial data cables. The advantage of the machined crimp contacts is a reliable and gas-tight connection to the stranded wire which ensures constant low resistance even in extreme conditions. In addition, the female connectors are also available with so-called closed entry contacts offering an additional plug-in security of the socket contacts. The crimp contacts can be processed with commercially available crimping tool and machinery, however the X-coded version requires a specific CONEC crimping tool plus selector. The CONEC M12 Crimp connectors are protected against loosening due to vibrations during operation by a tactile vibration lock. The connector shell is entirely made of metal and therefore fully shielded. The connectors are designed for cable diameter of 4.5 to 8.3 mm. All versions meet protection degree IP67 when mated.


Key Features

Key Features

  • Provides wear-free connectivity and highly reliable performance in harsh environments
  • Field attachable
  • Constructed using a durable stainless steel housing that is dust-sealed and waterproof
  • IP67 protection per IEC 60529 in mated condition
  • Resistant to shock and vibration, retains functionality in severe conditions



  • Body – Standard: PA6 GF, UL94 | Shielded: Die Cast, Ni Plated
  • Contacts – CuZn
  • Contacts plated – Gold plated over Nickel
  • Contact carrier – PA6, UL94
  • Clamp/screw contact – Stainless steel, Ni plated
  • Cable Sealing- Elastomer
  • Sealing – FPM
  • Coupling nut screw – GD-Zn, Ni / Stainless steel


  • Rated Voltage – 30V, 60V, 250V – IEC 61076-2-101
  • Current rating – 2A, 4A, 7.5A – IEC 61076-2-101
  • Insulation Resistance – IEC 60512
  • Mating cycles – IEC 60512-9a


  • Degree of Pollution – IEC 60664-1
  • Degree of Protection – IEC 60529
  • Temperature rating – -30°C to +80°C


  • Female, axial with screw terminations
  • Female, right angled with screw terminations
  • Male, axial with screw terminations
  • Male, right angled with screw terminations
  • Female, axial with screw terminations, 360 degree shielding
  • Male, axial with screw terminations, 360 degree shielding
  • Female, axial with crimp terminations, 360 degree shielding
  • Male, axial with scrimp terminations, 360 degree shielding




M8 and M12 connectors are used in an incredible array of industrial applications like robots, sensors, vision systems, RFID and PLCs, actuators, electric motors, console lights, switches, valves, and contactors, the automotive industry plus machinery and tooling, packaging, factory automation, and food and beverage production areas