Low Cost Stamped pin D-subs

Low Cost D Sub-miniature

A range of cost-effective d-sub connectors from ITW McMurdo utilising low cost stamped and formed contacts.



ITW McMurdo “Special” D-subminiature connectors are available in the five standard shell sizes: 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 way. The dimensions of d-subminiature connectors are generally in accordance with DIN 41652 and MIL-C-24308; because of this they are compatible and interchangeable across manufacturers. The contact pitch (distance between pins) in these standard size connectors is 2.74mm with 2.54mm between rows in the right angled version, i.e. the European PCB board d-sub ‘footprint’; 2.84mm between rows in the straight PC.

These d-sub connectors are available with solder bucket, straight PC or right angled PC terminations and can be fitted with a range of board locks, female jackposts, etc. as standard. The application will normally dictate the use of stamped and formed contacts as in these economic, commercial type connectors. Optional solderable board locks on 90 degree p.c. versions act as an effective retention and grounding feature, holding the d connector to the pcb prior to and during soldering.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Choice of three termination styles – solder bucket, straight p.c. and 90 degree p.c.
  • Threaded inserts on 90 degree p.c. versions as standard – accept a wide range of mounting hardware.
  • Tinned and dimpled d-sub shell options – for EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Optional solderable boardlock features for 90 degree p.c. types – reduce installation time.


  • Economic, Low cost, low inventory, time saving, EX STOCK



  • Shell – Steel plated with Nickel or Tin over nickel
  • Insulator – Glass filled thermoplastic rated UL94V-0
  • Contact – Copper alloy plated gold over nickel


  • Current Individual contact (in isolation) 3A @ 70ºC Tamb.
    All contacts simultaneously 2A @ 70ºC Tamb.
  • Working voltage 350Vdc or ac peak.
  • Proof voltage 1000Vdc or ac peak.
  • Contact Resistance 15m Ohm Sign max.
  • Insulation Resistance 5G Ohm Sign min.


  • Mechanical Operations – 100


  • Operating Temperature – -55C to +105C

Contact Arrangement

  • 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50* (*not 90 degree p.c.)


McMurdo special D connectors are on Bills of Materials across the globe and will be found installed as effective in/out connectors in many of the World’s best known computer, interfacing and telecom/communications brands or as cable-end dbp, db25, etc. in serial cable manufacture.

Part numbers like the SDEX09SNT connector, 9 way right angled d-sub socket with built-in board locks and female jack posts enable CEMs worldwide to save both installation time and cost of inventory. RoHS compliant and suitable for mass soldering techniques like wave or reflow, you’ll never be far from a McMurdo special D-sub connector!