Industrial applications from the simplest hand held data logger to a fully blown industrial Ethernet system have carried the world’s best loved I/O connectors into a harsher and less tolerant environment. Industrial connectors face numerous environmental stresses. In order to support transportation, communications, networking, IT, medical systems, etc. they must match the level of product technology and the rapid development and growth of the sector and must combat temperature and humidity; exposure to liquids, oils and chemicals; shock or vibration and RF/EMI interference. In2Connect UK offer a full range of IP55 through IP67, IP68 and IP69K rated environmentally sealed circular power/data waterproof connectors designed to provide secure, safe and watertight connections in harsh environments.

Engineered for excellence, our waterproofing cable connections ensure unparalleled reliability in diverse environments. Whether you require waterproof wire connectors or waterproof cable connectors for marine applications, outdoor installations, or rigid industrial settings, we have the solution.

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