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McMurdo Connectors alive and kicking!

Whatever happened to McMurdo Connectors?

Well, in 1998 McMurdo Connectors were acquired by ITW Switches (one of ITW’s many Brands) and ITW McMurdo connectors are available now from In2Connect in the UK.

In2Connect UK have historically stocked arguably the widest range of ITW McMurdo “Special” D-sub connectors and connector accessories available anywhere. So much so that as well as our OEM partners, many other distributors Worldwide rely on In2Connect stock to satisfy their clients. ITW have an ongoing programme to rationalise and obsolete low volume usage D-sub connectors but rest assured that once our stocks of any obsoleted parts run out, In2Connect can substitute own brand fit, form and function ranges.

ITW McMurdo “Special” D-Subminiature connectors with cost effective stamped and formed contacts are available in four of the standard shell sizes: 9, 15, 25, and 37 way (50 way is offered from In2Connect’s own-brand). These d-sub connectors are available with solder bucket, straight PC or right angled PC terminations (for example the widely specified SDEX09SNT) and can be complemented by a range of board locks, jackscrews MJS and MJL, female jackposts MD 20418-2, MD 20418L-2, which have always been the backbone of McMurdo’s long established d-sub accessory range.

In2Connect UK also stock popular sizes of ITW McMurdo High density Dee connectors like the HDEX15SNT which has 15 contacts in 3 rows in a standard 9 way shell size and is much used in VGA applications. Increased contact density is provided in the 5 standard tinned and dimpled (EMI/RF shielding) d-sub shell sizes so we can supply 15, 26, 44, 62 and 78 contacts in solder bucket, straight and right angled PCB or crimp contacts. High density d-sub connectors are fully compatible with McMurdos’ standard D-sub hoods and accessories and can therefore lower inventory costs.