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Conec M12 Power connectors

Power over M12 connectors

A new variant has been added to the Conec M12x1 product portfolio from In2Connect.

Circular Connectors size M12 are used in many different applications from signal transmission to sensor technology and data transmission in field bus technology. These new power connectors with T-coding (63 Volts) and S-coding (630 volts) open up the M12 for use in the power range.


The largish M23x1 connector is used in large numbers today for power but as devices used in electrical drive technology become more and more compact, Conec have now made it is possible to transmit signals, data and power non-stop using the M12 connector system. The new M12, 3+PE and 4-poles 12Amp connector codings comply with IEC 61076-2-111. Due to the actual geometry,  plugging and pulling under load is not admissible. However, this is inadmissible for connectors in general. Only socket and plug devices are designed to be actuated under load. Currently Axially overmoulded products are available with different cable qualities, and sockets with stranded wires for front or back panel mounting.

  • Compact design
  • High power transmission
  • Good value for money compared to larger power connectors like M23 and M17
  • The plastic-moulded connectors are also available with 360° shielding for improved EMC interference immunity.