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Brexit Statement


As negotiations continue over the UK’s long-term relationship with the EU, In2Connect UK Ltd, alongside all other UK businesses is preparing for ‘Brexit’ on 31st January 2020, if it occurs. The outcome of Brexit – needs to be considered for our own business operations as well as those of our customers and suppliers.

There is widespread concern that the UK will not reach an exit agreement with the EU, but this is speculative and meantime we can only prepare and address issues based upon our current knowledge and assumptions whilst tracking ongoing developments.

We are currently gathering information from our own supply chain so that the full potential impact on our goods and services can be understood.

As a valued customer to our business we will keep you informed of any potential impact to products and services to yourselves, as Brexit negotiations continue.

With regards to our stock product lines, we are reviewing supply levels well into 2020 to be as prepared as we can to lessen the impact to our customers. We shall put procedures in place to handle any new import/export requirements introduced, to ensure as much as possible that disruption to our stock flow is avoided. We are very keen to support you in your projects and if there is a specific product that you have ongoing business for that we could potentially retain safety/buffer stock for you we would be pleased to talk to you.

We assure you of our full attention to this matter, it is imperative for all our businesses survival to ensure that the flow of goods down the supply chain is maintained effectively.