WA22 IP67

WA22 IP67

The WA22 round thread screw locking, IP67 plastic connector range is designed to meet the high requirements of industrial applications under harsh environmental conditions.


Using a combination of sealing washers, inserts; grommets and WA22 IP67 groupPG11 threaded compression nuts; the insulators and contact areas in these connectors are sealed against environmental elements. The seals are sited so that the integral backshell can be easily removed to allow accurate soldering or screwing of the cores of the incoming cable. Connector end caps are available to suit the panel mount version and IP67 integrity is achieved when male and female connectors are mated or when the IP67 end cap is fitted to the IP67 socket body. They are not intended for use under continuous pressure. In consideration of the broad range of ‘rained on’ definitions, the industry appears to have agreed to a ‘test of immersion for 30 minutes, at a depth of 1 metre, or the equivalent air test at 1.45 psi. That is the Qualification Test. (Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1metre. Duration of test 30minutes).

Key Features

Blue Bullet Circular connectors with contact arrangements 3+PE and 6+PE for power and signal applications
Blue Bullet For applications in machine tools, measurement and control, process technology and medical equipment
Blue Bullet Housing is made from high grade plastic material
Blue Bullet Protected against unlocking by threaded coupling
Blue Bullet Cable housing straight with PG 11 cable inlet
Blue Bullet Protection degree IP 67 per IEC 60529 in mated condition
Blue Bullet Rear strain relief clamping ring provides a safe cable restraint


Blue Bullet Shell - Plastic
Blue Bullet Insulator - High temperature 260 degrees C
Blue Bullet Contacts - gold plated
Screw termination ~ 4 (3 + PE) and Solder bucket termination 7 (6 + PE) Male or Female
Blue Bullet


  WA22 : 3 + PE 16A (wire size 14AWG) 
  WA22 : 6 + PE 10A (wire size 18AWG)
Blue Bullet


  WA22 : 400V (screw type) 3 pole + PE
  WA22 : 250V (solder type) 6 pole + PE
Blue Bullet

Contact Resistance 

  WA22 : 3 pole + PE 2mOhm Sign
  WA22 : 6 pole + PE 5mOhm Sign
Blue Bullet

Insulation Resistance -  2,000 mOhm Sign

Blue Bullet Mechanical operations - 500 Min
Blue Bullet Cable O/D range = 7.0 - 10.0mm
Blue Bullet Locking system - round thread DIN 405
Blue Bullet Working temperature : - 40 to 100C.
Blue Bullet Flammability - UL 94 VO
Blue Bullet Pollution degree = 3
Blue Bullet Installation category = III
Blue Bullet WA22J4TE2 ~ 3 + PE screw type male cable
Blue Bullet WA22J7TE1 ~ 6 + PE solder type male cable
Blue Bullet WA22K4Z2 ~ 3 + PE screw type female receptacle
Blue Bullet WA22K7Z1 ~ 6 + PE solder type female receptacle
Blue Bullet WA22K4ZE2 ~ 3 + PE screw type female cable
Blue Bullet WA22K7ZE1 ~ 6 + PE solder type female cable
Blue Bullet WA22J4Z2 ~ 3 + PE screw type male receptacle
Blue Bullet WA22J7Z1 ~ 6 + PE solder type male receptacle
Blue Bullet WA22G1 ~ Protective cap for male cable/receptacle
Blue Bullet WA22G2 ~ Protective cap for female cable/receptacle





The mechanical properties of the WA22 connectors allow temperatures of -40 to 100 degrees C. They are RoHS compliant, CE marked, small, lightweight and extremely cost-effective ~ without compromising the integrity of the interconnection.

The WA22 connectors are designed for at least 500 mating cycles and the cable entry can accommodate cable diameters from 7 to 10mm.

The receptacle connectors share the same mounting footprint as similar connectors from Amphenol-Tuchel (C16-1) and Binder (962/963).

These connectors will mate with or replace those and other similar industry standard connectors.


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