RJ45 IP67

RJ45 IP67

RJ45, IP67 Industrial Ethernet Connector


The Cat. 5e/Cat. 6A RJ45 connector is arguably the most used interface in data communications.


In the industrial automation market, much of the upload and download activity that goes on in programming machines is doneRJ45 IP67- 2 via Ethernet and/or laptop computer. Such connections can be plugged into a sealed RJ45 connected point-to-point, allowing for easy download of data without requiring machine shutdown. The ruggedized circular body of the RJ45’s housing is ideal for this, because it protects against exposure to any kind of abuse or ingress from dust, dirt or water. For industrial real-time-Ethernet, CONEC has developed an RJ45 connector type with a bayonet latching mechanism according to the IEC 61076-3-106 standard. This robust design with IP67 rating ensures reliable protection and easy connection under harsh environmental conditions. They are not intended for use under continuous pressure. In consideration of the broad range of ‘rained on’ definitions, the industry appears to have agreed to a ‘test of immersion for 30 minutes, at a depth of 1 metre, or the equivalent air test at 1.45 psi. That is the Qualification Test. (Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1metre. Duration of test 30minutes).

RJ45 Through CouplerA socket connector with IP67 rating, bayonet coupling and protective cap is available for installation into equipment. It can be mounted on the front or rear side of an enclosure panel of up to 3.2 mm thickness and is available in three designs.

Preassembled patch cables with IP67 rating in various lengths are available to interconnect panels and equipment.

CONEC’s IP67-rated RJ45 connector family now also includes  a Dual-bayonet in-line coupler. By offering IP67 protection at both ends between two connectors, end users can panel-mount or create an in-line extension. The 1/6th-turn dual-bayonet coupling mechanism complies with IED 61076-3-106, offering increased protection against contamination and moisture. It enables fast and secure IP67-sealed mate/unmate, even with gloved hands

Key Features

Blue Bullet For front or rear panel mounting up to
wall thickness of .013"/3.2 mm
Blue Bullet Design: Black plastic or metallised plastic
Blue Bullet Unshielded RJ45 Inline socket connector or
shielded RJ45 Inline socket connector Cat.5e
Blue Bullet For use with solid or stranded, shielded or unshielded
cable size AWG24
Blue Bullet Shielded RJ45 plug connector, insulation displacement
termination (IDC) Cat.5e
Blue Bullet Available as a set with protection cap


Blue Bullet Shell - PBT (black) or ABS metallised (nickel plated), flammability per UL 94-V0
Blue Bullet Housing sealing Silicone
Blue Bullet Contacts - Phosphor bronze, Gold plated
Blue Bullet   Interface connector RJ45 Cat 5e and Cat 6A
Blue Bullet   Current - RJ45 : 1.2 A max. to 25°C
Blue Bullet   Voltage - RJ45 : 100VDC : Electrical strength contact to contact = 1000VDC/60 Seconds
Blue Bullet   Contact resistance: RJ45 20mOhm Sign max
Blue Bullet   Insulation Resistance: 500 mOhm Sign min
Blue Bullet Mechanical operations - 500 Min
Blue Bullet Lock mechanism - Bayonet socket connector per IEC 61076-3-106
Blue Bullet Working temperature : -40 to 85C.
Blue Bullet IP Rating = IP67
Blue Bullet RJ45 Installation housing set - Inline socket connector version
Blue Bullet RJ45 Installation housing set Insulation displacement termination version
Blue Bullet RJ45 Installation housing set Solder termination (PCB)
Blue Bullet RJ45 Plug connector set Standard version
Blue Bullet RJ45 Installation housing set Plastic and metallized protection cap - Bayonet locking
Blue Bullet RJ45 Plug connector set Metal version - M28 threaded termination
Blue Bullet RJ45 Plug connector set M28 threaded termination - Plastic strain relief version
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP67 to IP67 - Metal design - M28 plug
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP67 to IP67 - Plastic design - Bayonet plug connector
Blue Bullet connector screw termination
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP67 to IP20 - Plastic design - Bayonet plug connector
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP67 to IP20 - Metal design - M28 plug connector screw termination
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP20 to IP20 - Plastic design - M28 screw termination
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP20 to IP67 - One side M28 threaded and one side bayonet locking
Blue Bullet RJ45 Patch cord IP20 to IP20
Blue Bullet Accessories for RJ45 products
Blue Bullet Installation tools for RJ45 products
Blue Bullet RJ45 Accessories Plastic and metal cap - Protection cap


The existing product line of IP67 rated RJ45 and USB connectors featuring bayonet locking design in accordance with IEC61076-3-106 type 1 is now available with diecast housings. Compatibility between enclosures made with various materials is adhered to in accordance to IEC61076-3-106.RJ45 Cat6a Square Flange IP67
The die cast housings are nickel plated and provide excellent shielding against EMI-RFI. The RJ45 series can be supplied with the following connecting styles:
- Insulation displacement (keystone) IDC
- PCB connection
- Patch cords

The latest variant to the range is a Square flange connector with a Cat5e and Cat6A performance for front and back panel mounting for thicknesses up to 3.2mm. The bayonet locking housing is made of nickel-plated die-cast zinc.

RJ45 Cat. 5e inline coupling shielded or unshielded

RJ45 Cat. 6A inline coupling shielded

Gasket and mounting hardware [4 x M3 screw + nut + flat washer + spring washer] can be ordered seperately


Example applications for the RJ45 -

Blue Bullet  Industrial production, CNC machines
Blue Bullet  Communications equipment Blue Bullet Telecommunications
Blue Bullet  Food & Beverage and chemical process controllers
Blue Bullet  Mass transportation
Blue Bullet  Oil exploration Blue Bullet  Security and Surveillance Systems
Blue Bullet  Industrial process control Blue Bullet GPS Systems
Blue Bullet  Diagnostic and instrument
Blue Bullet  Printers, displays
Blue Bullet  Factory automation
Blue Bullet  Outdoor telecommunications systems


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