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Card Edge Connectors for PCBs

In2Connect sell the largest range of high quality PCB card edge signal and power connectors for the PC, communications, instrumentation and test equipment sectors including 200/250 C "burn-in" applications and to UL/CSA listings if required.

Edge card connectors are embedded devices that mate with the edges of single-sided or double-sided printed circuit boards (PCBs) in order to provide an external electrical connection. Industry standards define power specifications such as voltage levels, power pin placements, and power requirements. For example, PICMG 1.0/1.2 standards define the power specifications for peripheral component interconnect (PCI) and industry standard architecture (ISA) buses. The contacts of edge card connectors are made of metal and are plated with a thin, metallic coating that improves conductivity and prevents rust and corrosion. Plating materials include gold, copper, nickel, and silver. Contacts are housed in a body moulding that is usually made of a plastic material suited to the required operating temperature; these may include PBT, Valox*, Thermoplastic Polyester / PPS Ryton*, Polyphenylene Sulfide / PEEK, Polyetheretherketone / PA9T, High temperature polyamide.

We offer a complete line of Sullins and Micro Plastics and EDAC Edgecard Connectors ranging from .050", .100", .125", .150", .156" and .200" contact spacing with Wire Wrap, Dip Solder, Press-Fit, Right Angle and Extender Card termination styles. These connectors are available in a wide range of sizes from 2 to 120/240 positions depending on contact pitch and include a variety of mounting configurations. All parts are currently manufactured to be RoHS compliant.

Female Edge Card Connectors 0.100", 0.125", 0.150", 0.156", 0.200"

sullins female card edge 2.54mmIn2Connect sell the largest range of high quality female PCB card edge signal and power connectors for the PC, communications, instrumentation and test equipment sectors including 200/250 C "burn-in" applications and to UL/CSA listings if required. Small Minimum Order Quantities - 10 piece minimums in many cases.

Dual Edge Connectors 0.100" and 0.156"

sullins dual edgedSullins Connector Solutions now offers Dual Edge Connectors to facilitate end to end connection (boards in series) of 0.100" and 0.156" PCB boards.

McMurdo 0.100" Modular Connectors

McMurdo EdgeCard connectorsMcMurdo Modular 0.100" edgecard connectors. Any number of contacts from 5 to 85 single sided, or 10 to 170 in dual row. 
These 2.54mm pitch modular connectors were originally designed to match the requirements of BS9526-N0001, N0002, N0003 and BT D2552.

High Density Card Edge Connectors 0.039" and 0.050"

Sullins High Density 1mmHigh Density Female Edgecard connectors are ideally suited for an array of dense packaging, board-to-board applications. The most popular contact pitches are 0.039" (1.00mm) and 0.050" (1.27mm) and include PCi Epress configurations.

High Temperature Headers and Edgecards

High Temp
Sullins Connector Solutions now offers Hi-Temp Headers and Card Edge Connectors
Devices available to support operating temperatures from -65 Degrees C to +250 Degrees C

Ruggedised Double Point Series

Ruggedised Double Point SeriesRuggedised double point series of card edge connectors. These high temperature connectors' double contact-point pin design promotes long life in mission-critical electronic systems and OEM products

Bi-Level Edgecard connectors 0.050" and 0.078"

bilevel cutaway And now for someting completely different! In2Connect with Sullins newest bi-level series of  right-angle 0.050" (1.27mm) and 0.078" (1.98mm) edgecard connectors. These connectors  uniquely provide double the contact points in half the linear connector length.

Male Card edge Connectors 0.100" and 0.156"

Male CardedgeSullins' Double-row Male Edgecard Connector series Features 0.100" or 0.156" contact centerlines. These edgecards boast gold-plated contacts to ensure performance in high-reliability/high-cycle applications

Sullins Test and Burn-in Sockets

Test SocketsIn2Connect now offer Test Sockets from Sullins Connectors.  Since 1971, Sullins has been the leader in developing and delivering reliable, cutting-edge test socket connectors for diverse applications and industries worldwide.

Sullins Headers and Shunts/Jumpers

Shrouded Box HeadersSullins Connector Solutions' new 1.0 mm header series when added to the existing 0.050", 2.0mm and 0.100" contact centres optimize design flexibility and manufacturing efficiencies.
Male and female parts promote superior signal performance, reliability, and connection integrity

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PCB Edgecard Connectors

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Sullins Connector Solutions Edgecard Catalogue 2012

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Sullins high density edgecard connectors .039" and .050"

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McMurdo Edge Card Connector

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EDAC Cardedge Prochure

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EDAC 0.050" Edge Cards

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EDAC 0.100" Edge Cards

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EDAC 0.125" Edge Cards

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EDAC 0.150" Edge Cards

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EDAC 0.156" Edge Cards

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EDAC 0.200" Edge Cards

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