PC/104 - Plus in 22mm

PC/104 - Plus in 22mmPC/104-Plus 22mm

PC/104 is a standard for PC-compatible modules which are intermateable to set up a complete computing system.

This new female ept connector permits 22mm board to board distance.


Standard PC/104 connectors accomodate a board to board distance of 15.24mm. This was usually enough to connect two boards. However, with the ever increasing requirement to connect more components, for example heat sinks, fans and other cooling systems, manufacturers now often need a greater distance. As a specialist for connectors ept has reacted to this need and as a result is now the first provider to have a suitable connector in its lineup. The PC/104-Plus is available both in the standard height as well as in a higher design, permitting a board to board distance of 22 mm.

This provides manufacturers of electronic articles with more flexibility. The new dimensions have been recorded in the current SUMIT specifications; they therefore correspond with the stipulated sizes for computer components.


ept PC/104-Plus in 22 mm connector Shroud

PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors from ept provide manufacturers with more flexibility when developing electronic circuit boards, as different designs are available. In addition to the new, higher model, the original connectors with the standard height are also still available. ept is offering PC/104-Plus connectors with both short and long pins. The long pins enable additional circuit boards to be connected directly (rear mating zone plated performance level III), which means the new connector can be combined with all existing and available PC/104-Plus boards.

Key Features


Blue Bullet PC/104 and PC/104-Plus Embedded Consortium Member
Blue Bullet Accomodates a board to board distance of 22mm
Blue Bullet Press-fit compliant pin which compresses as a result of insertion into the PCB 'through hole'
Blue Bullet Female connectors can be pressed in with the same ept press-fit tool in one single step ~ offering significant time-savings in production.
Blue Bullet No complex manual soldering ~ lower labour costs
Blue Bullet No reworking at the rear mating zone (solder bridges, solder splashes)
Blue Bullet Lower engaging and seperating forces so bending of the rear mating zone is prevented
Blue Bullet

Within the scope of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus applications, ept can offer customer-specific solutions with 2.0 mm and 2.54 mm grid.

Blue Bullet Press-fit tooling and machines


Blue Bullet Insulator - PBT glass filled, UL 94 V-0
Blue Bullet Contact - Copper alloy
Blue Bullet Contact surface - Au or Au over PdNi over Ni
Blue Bullet Current carrying capacity - max. 1.7A
Blue Bullet Operational voltage - 100 V
Blue Bullet Contact resistance - < 20 mΩ
Blue Bullet Insulation resistance - > 106
Blue Bullet Insertion force per pin - max. 80 N
Blue Bullet Engaging force per pin - max. 1.5 N
Blue Bullet Separating force per pin - min. 0.3 N
Blue Bullet Creepages and clearances - min. 0.5 mm
Blue Bullet Operating temperature range - -55°C to + 125°C
Blue Bullet Environment/ approvals - RoHS compliant / UL (file: E130314)
Blue Bullet PC/104-Plus 120 way female connector in 22mm
Blue Bullet

PC/104 shrouds

Blue Bullet Other contact layouts on request
Blue Bullet

The ept press-fit sections - solid and compliant pins - meet the requirements of the DlN 41612 Part 5 and IEC 352-5 specifications. Plated through-hole according to IEC 60352-5 Printed Circuit Card through holes must meet these specification for press-fit insertion of pins.


Simple processing thanks to press-fit technology

Press-fit technology is used for installing the PC/104-Plus connector to the board. This means the connector pins are pressed into the plated-through hole of a circuit board. The press-in zone of the pin has a larger diameter than the hole, and is also slightly flexible, which results in high contact pressure and ensures an electrical contact exists between the connector and the circuit board. The components can be pressed-in directly using a tool, which provides a significant advantage as no soldering is required. This not only simplifies installation, it is also better for the environment as the components can be recycled.

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