EN3 weathertight connector

EN3- weathertight

EN3 weathertight connector

Switchcraft expands the EN3 series up to 18 pins. The EN3 series is a popular plastic connector series that meets a number of harsh weather environmental ratings.



The EN3 is now available with from 2 through to 18 pins. The 2-8 versions carry the same environmental ratings as the 9-1EN3- weathertight- 28, which include IP66/ IP68 and NEMA 250, when mated (Exceeds enclosure rating IP16/ IP18 when not mated or covered.) Generally speaking environmental tests performed during design and qualification of IP68 Connectors are standardised to IP68 at a depth of 2 m and duration of 24 hours. The 9-18 pin versions are only available with solder terminals. The solder terminals come in two styles, straight or staggered. The straight style has equal length terminals, all facing the same way. The staggered version has the inner set of terminals longer than the outer set. Also, the staggered terminals face radially away from the center of the connector, to make soldering much easier. The 9-18 versions carry the same environmental ratings as the 2-8, which include IP66/IP68 and NEMA 250, when mated.

There is an integral O-ring and gasket. The O-ring is moulded onto the card housing assembly and the gasket is moulded onto panel housing assembly to prevent leakage and eliminate the need for additional O-rings and gaskets. There is a reduced part count which means reduced labour during assembly. The EN3 connector has no grommets but has cable clamp assembly features which snap easily onto and support the cable. EN3s have a thermoplastic rubber body which simulates a closed entry contact system to prevent probe damage or accidental loss of spring retention due to misaligned or bent pins.

An abrasion resistant thermoplastic boot provides strain relief and accepts cable diameter 5mm to 6.7mm. Housing rated UL 94V-O against flammability. Panel connector shell features a positioning keyway to prevent misalignments and a polarising single 'D' design for proper panel mounting and to prevent rotational movement.


Key Features

Blue Bullet 2-8 pin versions are available in solder, crimp, straight and right angled PC versions.
Blue Bullet 9-18 pin versions available in solder terminals only, either straight or staggered for easier soldering.
Blue Bullet Exceeds enclosure rating IP16/IP18 when not mated or covered
and IP66/IP68 when mated.
Blue Bullet Exceeds US Coast Guard specifications for water tightness (CFR 46 part 110.20)
Blue Bullet UL 94V-O rated material
Blue Bullet Gold plated pins and contacts to reduce contact resistance.


Blue Bullet Cord and panel connector shells, contact docking disk and cable clamp assembly- Thermoplastic polymer glass fibre, flame retardant
Blue Bullet Coupling ring- Nylon
Blue Bullet Rear boot and connector shell interior- Thermoplastic rubber
Blue Bullet Contacts- Copper base alloy gold-plated over nickel under plate.
Blue Bullet Current - 7.5 Amps (#20 contact) 6.5 Amps (#20 contact) - 7 and 8 pin
13.0 Amps (#16 contact) - 2 and 3 pin
Blue Bullet Voltage (Sea level) - 600 VRMS
Blue Bullet Contact Resistance - 5mΩ max
Blue Bullet Insulation Resistance -  100 megohms (minimum) at 77C
Blue Bullet Shock- Mil-std 202 Method 213B, condition K
Blue Bullet Vibration- Mil-std 202 method 201
Blue Bullet Life- 600 insertion/ withdrawal cycles (minimum)
Blue Bullet Temperature limits- -40C to +65C (non operating)
Blue Bullet Moisture resistance- Mil-std 202 method 106F
Blue Bullet Insulation resistance- Mil-std 202 method 302 condition B
Blue Bullet Thermal shock- Mil-std 202 method 107G
Blue Bullet IP16/IP18 CFR 46 Part 110.20
Blue Bullet IP66/IP68 UL 94V-O
Blue Bullet NEMA 250 (6p)
Blue Bullet Patent 5,485,673 File 36049



  • Any sealed data transmission
  • Military or industrial GPS location devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical data carts
  • Marine Applications
  • Transportation
  • General industrial electronic applications


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