EDAC Series 516

Edac series 516The EDAC 516 Series connector can be configured for cable-to-board /panel or cable-to-cable applications.

An actuating screw and nutlock which can be fitted to either the plug or the receptacle facilitates mating and provides a secure, reliable and robust interconnect.


The 8.5 amp, 516 series, connectors are available in five circuit sizes 20, 38, 56, 90 and 120. The 56 circuit version of Edac series 516 groupthe EDAC 516 connector series with EMI/RFI shielding device and metal cover ~ types plug and receptacle are as shown below with either actuating screw or locknut. The superbly engineered, 8.5 Amp tuning fork type hermaphroditic contact is available with crimp; solder eye; pcb or wire wrap tail.

At the heart of the 516 series design is the gold-plated hermaphroditic contact with four gas-tight, mating surfaces with a long wiping length for self-cleaning as shown below (this helps to alleviate the chance of any increased electrical resistance).

In addition to the excellent heat dissipation characteristics of the contact, the inherent 'spring' design also ensures that if contact pressure from two surfaces is reduced for any reason, the pressure on the other two surfaces is proportionally increased. This is very relevant when the connector is used in high shock/vibration applications like Off-Shore wind turbines.

This exceptional contact design has a forty-plus year pedigree of outstanding reliability and performance in numerous safety and mission-critical applications including oil and gas processing, off-shore alternative energy production and railway signalling. EDAC Series 516 are even incorporated into sensor devices installed in the CERN European nuclear physics project.

Key Features

Blue Bullet UL recognised
Blue Bullet 0.150" (3.81mm) Contact spacing x 0.130" (3.30) or 0.150" (3.81) row spacing with staggered grid
Blue Bullet Plug and receptacle in 20, 38, 56, 90 or 120 contact sizes
Blue Bullet Edacon Hermaphroditic contact mating design ~ Contact termination options include crimp, PCB and wire wrap
Blue Bullet Mating and unmating simplified with use of actuating screws
Blue Bullet Optional covers with side or top entry cable clamp in plastic or metal material available for all connector sizes + shielding kits
Blue Bullet 288 different polarising combinations to distinguish mating halves
Blue Bullet Versatile metal cover design permits assembly or dis-assembly after cabling is complete plus cable entry style flexibility
Blue Bullet Actuating screws, locknuts, polarising hardware, covers and contacts suitable for either plug or receptacle.


Blue Bullet Shell- Polycarbonate, colour: Green, or Die-cast zinc, finished with grey enamel paint
Blue Bullet Insulator material- Diallyl Phthalate or Thermoplastic polyester, UL 94V-0, colour: Green or polycarbonate, colour grey
Blue Bullet Contact- (Material)- Phosphor Bronze Alloy CA-510 (Plating)- Gold over nickel for entire contact
Blue Bullet Current 8.5 Amp
Blue Bullet Voltage -2000 V AC rms at sea level
Bullet Contact Resistance - 10 Milliohms Max
Bullet Insulation Resistance - 5000 ohm
Blue Bullet  Insertion and withdrawal force: 2 to 16 oz (0.56 to 4.45 N) per contact position
Blue Bullet Working temperature: Connector -65C to +125C
Blue Bullet Plug and receptacle - No of contacts 20, 38, 56, 90 or 120
Blue Bullet EM!/RFI shielded covers for - No of contacts 20, 38, 56, 90 or 120
Blue Bullet 516-020-000-301  20 With Screw
516-020-000-302  20 With Nut
516-038-000-301  38 With Screw
516-038-000-302  38 With Nut
516-056-000-301  56 With Screw
516-056-000-302  56 With Nut
516-090-000-301  90 With Screw
516-090-000-302  90 With Nut
516-120-000-101  120 With Screw
516-120-000-102  120 With Nut
516-020-000-401  20 With Screw
516-020-000-402  20 With Nut
516-038-000-401  38 With Screw
516-038-000-402  38 With Nut
516-056-000-401  56 With Screw
516-056-000-402  56 With Nut
516-090-000-401  90 With Screw
516-090-000-402  90 With Nut
516-120-000-201  120 With Screw
516-120-000-202  120 With Nut
516-230-520  20
516-230-538  38
516-230-556  56
516-230-590  90
516-230-512  120
516-290-500  Wire Hole
516-290-520  P.C. Tail
516-290-541  Wirewrap
516-290-590  Crimp
516-280-201 Crimp Tool
516-280-300 Extraction Tool


Design engineers, in growing numbers, are recognising the  proven reliability track record of the 516 Series when Edac series 516 gold contactseeking the ideal interconnect system for products used in safety-related and/or harsh-environment applications. For example, Network Rail, the UK railway infrastructure authority, has issued its Certificate of Acceptance for EDAC's 516 Series connectors to be used with signalling and level crossing control panels, transmission systems and associated information systems.
The hardware features of the EDAC 516 Series allow 288 different polarising combinations ensuring the right plug can noly be mated with the right receptacle when a bank of connectors is arrayed. Thirty-one part numbers in the 516 Series range of multi-pin connectors have been issued with official Network Rail PADS numbers (Parts And Drawing System).

Metal top or side entry covers for the five available circuit sizes (20, 38, 56, 90 and 120) are available to further enhance the robustness and durability of the product.

The Edac 516 series is a direct - fit/form/function - alternative to the Elco or Varleco 8016 types.


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