D-sub connectors

D-sub connectors were arguably the first and most widely established In/Out (I/O) interface connector and are so called because of their trapezoidal (vaguely "D" shaped) shell which provides mechanical protection, shielding and an inbuilt polarisation when mating male to female, whether cable-end or panel mounted. They're still amazingly popular in control and instrumentation; audio, communications and I/O from Printed Circuit Board applications. The common Dsub connector has a steel shell, normally plated with nickel or tin although for anti-magnetic applications the base material may be brass and Stainless Steel shell versions are also built. The shell on the male dsub connectors is normally "dimpled" to create good electrical continuity with the mating female, thus ensuring EMI/RFI shielding if screened cables have been terminated to the shell. D-subminiature connectors are available in five standard shell sizes: 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 way plus High Density versions with 15, 26, 44, 62 or 78 contacts. The dimensions of dsub connectors are generally in accordance with IEC 60807-2 (was DIN 41652), BS9523 F0018, MIL-C-24308 and satisfy IEC Recommendation 48B; because of this they are compatible and interchangeable across manufacturers.

Machined Pin D-Sub Connector


machined pin d-sub Designed for demanding industrial applications, these ITW McMurdo, Conec and In2Connect own brand "Standard" dsub connectors have precision turned contacts.

Sunkye Micro D-Sub Connectors


Sunkye R04J Micro D-sub connector Designed for demanding military applications, these Sunkye Micro d-sub connectors have precision twist pin contacts.

Sunkye Nano D-Sub Connectors


Sunkye R06 Microminiature Rectangular Connectors Designed for demanding military applications, these Sunkye Nano Rectangular connectors have precision twist pin contacts on a 0.025" pitch.

High Density D Type Connector


HDD Increased contact density is provided in five industry standard d-sub shell sizes providing up to 78 contacts.

McMurdo Special D-Sub Connector

Special d-sub A range of cost-effective special d-sub connectors from ITW McMurdo utilising low cost stamped and formed contacts.


Mixed Combination D-Sub Connector


Combo d-sub Mixed layout combination d-sub connectors offer the ability to integrate signal and 50 and 75 Ohm coax, 40 Amp power, and high voltage in a standard d-sub shell.

Waterproof D-Sub Connector IP67

Waterproof D-sub This IP67 waterproof D-sub miniature connector 'system' can be used in applications where moisture, high humidity, water or dust could be a problem.

Filter D-Sub Connector


Conec Filter dsub Standard d-sub connectors can not guarantee protection from EMI/RFI, even when enclosed in shielded hoods. Filter d connectors and adaptors are an ideal solution to reduce or eliminate EMI.

Crimp D-Sub Connector


Crimp d-sub Maximum flexibility and reduced assembly costs are achieved with these cost effective crimp d type connectors.

Press Fit D-Sub connector


Conec D-sub standard These Standard or High Density D-sub connectors from Conec have a straight PC press-fit contact. This technology is a cost effective alternative to soldering.

IDC D-sub connector


IDC D-sub These IDC D-sub connectors for flat ribbon cable have stamped contacts. This technology is a cost effective alternative to soldering.

D-Sub Right Angled Dual port


D-sub standard dual port These "stacked" Standard D-sub connectors from Conec have right angled PC contacts and provide two I/O connectors in the minimum amount of board space.

D-Sub Connector Accessories


D-sub accessories The wide range of applications that d-sub connectors get used in dictate the availability of a large selection of hoods - plastic, metallised plastic, diecast EMI/RFI, waterproof, etc.

Dsub connectors Information

The contact pitch (distance between pins) in a standard size dsub connector is generally 2.77mm with 2.54mm or 2.84mm between rows dependent upon whether it's a US or European PCB board 'footprint'. D-sub connectors are available with solder bucket, straight PC, right angled PC, IDC, surface mount or wire wrap terminations and can be fitted with a range of board locks, female jack posts, etc. The application will normally dictate the use of either precision screw machined or stamped and formed contacts with gold plating over nickel finish. The circularity of the contacts and the thickness of the gold plating will influence the number of mating cycles achievable. Insulators in dsub connectors are generally polyester GF with UL 94 V0 rated self-extinguishing properties. High-density, 15 (VGA), 26, 44, 62 and 78 way are versions which pack more contacts into a standard dsub shell ~ e.g. a 15 way VGA connector has 15 pins in three rows in a standard 9 way dsub shell size. Their contact pitch is ususlly 2.29mm up to 44 way with 2.42mm in 62 and 78 way and 1.98mm between rows up to 62 way and 2.08mm in the 4 row 78 way. Right angled solder pin dsubs may also have a rowpacing of 2.54mm so please ask us about board footprints if you're in any doubt. If HDD subs still aren't small enough, take a look at our Micro Dsub and Nano D-sub connector data sheets.

Combination d-sub connectors allow the engineer to accommodate coaxial, high current , high voltage and even optical fibre contacts in the same footprint as a signal connector, thus one connector allows a mixture of in/out functions at the equipment interface. In2Connect excel in the provision of double-decker, filtered and IP67 water proofed D sub connectors, as well as a wide range of hoods and connector accessories.

In2Connect are experts in the ITW McMurdo, Conec and of course our own "In2Connect own brand" D-sub connector ranges. These ranges are available from stock or on minimal lead time with a very wide selection of shell sizes, configurations, contacts and accessories like jackscrews, hoods and slide locks. This broad choice means there is a D connector for just about every application, giving you the maximum design flexibility.



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ITW McMurdo D connectors (931 KB)
Conec D-sub Connectors (1570 KB)
Conec SnapLock D-Sub connector hoods (175 KB)
Sunkye R06 Nano-D sub connectors crimp MIL-DTL-32139 (2755 KB)
Sunkye R04J micro-D sub MIL-C-83513 (9884 KB)
Sunkye R04 Plastic bodied Micro D-sub connectors (10925 KB)
In2Connect D-sub connectors Range (7271 KB)



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