Crimp D-Sub Connector

Crimp d-sub

Maximum flexibility and reduced assembly costs are achieved in this cost effective range of crimp d type connectors through full or partial loading of selectively plated stamped and formed contacts.




Crimp contacts are assembled by inserting a stripped wire end into a cavity in the rear of the contact, then crushing the cavity using a crimp tool, causing the cavity to grip the wire tightly at many points. The crimped contact is then inserted into the connector where it locks into place. Individual crimped pins can be removed later by inserting a special tool into the rear of the connector. As well as loose for hand crimping tools, contacts are available in reels of 10,000 for use with auto crimp machines.

Key Features


  • Accepts wire sizes of 20 to 28 AWG - offers greater flexibility.
  • Replaceable contacts - no connector wastage.
  • Tinned and dimpled shell options - for effective EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Complete selection of crimp tooling enables quick assembly.
  • Wire strip length 2.4 ± 0.2mm.
  • 'Reeled' contacts for auto cut/strip and crimp machinery.


Blue Bullet Shell - Steel plated Nickel or Tin over nickel
Blue Bullet Insulator - Thermoplastic rated UL94V-0
Blue Bullet Contact - Copper alloy plated hard acid gold
Blue Bullet Termination - Tin lead
Blue Bullet Current
Individual contact (in isolation) 3A @ 70ºC Tamb.
All contacts simultaneously 2A @ 70ºC Tamb.
Blue Bullet Working voltage 350Vdc or ac peak
Blue Bullet Proof voltage 1000Vdc or ac peak
Blue Bullet Contact Resistance 10m Ohm Sign max.
Blue Bullet Insulation Resistance 1000m Ohm Sign min.
Blue Bullet Mechanical Operations - 500 (Standard)
Blue Bullet Operating Temperature - -55C to +105C
Contact Arrangement
Blue Bullet 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50      
Contact / Wire Gauge
Blue Bullet Pin, 24/28 A.W.G.
Blue Bullet Socket, 24/28 A.W.G.
Blue Bullet Pin, 20/24 A.W.G.
Blue Bullet Socket, 20/24 A.W.G.


Ironically, applications for crimp D-subs range from the home user to high end avionics. Many DIY users prefer crimp style D-sub connectors over the solder bucket type. These connectors conform to industry standards and will mate with any other type of standard D-sub. Solder bucket D-sub connectors can be fairly labour intensive, difficult to service in the field, and more prone to wire breakage than crimp style. Crimp d-sub connectors are therefore much utilised in avionics or aircraft/helicopter electrical systems and are available with either stamped and formed or machined contacts. Suitable crimp tools, positioners, insert/extract tools are available but using the correct tools and settings is of paramount importance.


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General Download

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Sunkye R04 Plastic bodied Micro D-sub connectors (10925 KB)
In2Connect D-sub connectors Range (7271 KB)



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