Mixed Combination D-Sub Connector

Combo d-subMixed Layout Combination D Sub-miniature

Mixed layout combination d-sub connectors offer the ability to integrate signal and 50 and 75 Ohm coax, 40Amp power, and high voltage in a standard d-sub shell.



The mixed layout Combo D-sub connector combines signal, power (up to 40 Amp), and RF Combo d-sub connectorscoaxial (50 and 75 Ohm) contacts within a variety of industry standard D shell sizes. These combination connectors all feature the polarised shielding D shell to prevent mis-mating; high density space saving packaging, and diverse mounting options. Thus the design engineer is offered the advantages of an industry standard shield I/O interconnect, with the flexibility of a customised special, designed for any application.
PCB combination d-sub connectors can come with all contacts fitted, eliminating the need to keep complicated piece part inventories and suiting them admirably for use in communication, computer, and test and measurement equipment applications.

Because of the wide range of configurations available, these mixed layout combination d-sub connectors are generally built to order, but we will stock against customers' ongoing requirements.

Within the standard range are combinations enabling 2, 3, 5 or 8 x 10A, 20A, 30A or 40A contacts or HV contacts to be used on their own, without signal contacts.

Conec Combo dsub connectors Combo dsub without contacts Combo dsub with factory fitted contacts Filter combo d-sub


These combination connectors all feature the polarised shielding D shell to prevent mis-mating;Filter combo d-sub high density space saving packaging, and diverse mounting options. For example the 8 x 40Amp contacts sit in a shell size 4 which is the normal 37 way dsub footprint ~ a very cost effective  little power connector.

What's more, in line with most of our offerings, IP67 waterproof  power versions are available, both front and rear panel mounting.

Key Features


  • Space saving
  • 5 shell sizes including diecast onec piece body nickel plated
  • Cost-effective ~ one In/Out connector effects mixed services to the board
  • Precision screw machined contacts include solder bucket, straight and 90º PC, wire wrap and crimp. Various plating options
  • Power with current ratings from 10 to 40 Amps
  • Coax in 50 or 75 Ohm
  • HV contacts with up to 2.8kV
  • Large variety of mounting options
  • Filtered and waterproof d type connectors available.
  • RoHS Compliant


  • A fully shielded connector that both decreases the number of I/O interfaces and reduces the possibility of EMI/RFI leakage.
  • Savings in both design time and total I/O connector costs


Blue Bullet Shell - Steel plated Tin over nickel
Blue Bullet Insulator - High temperature plastic rated UL94V-0
Blue Bullet Contact - Copper alloy, plated hard acid gold
Termination Types
Blue Bullet Solder Bucket                   
Blue Bullet 90 degree p.c.
Blue Bullet Straight p.c.
Blue Bullet Wire wrapping
Contact Types
Blue Bullet High Power Contacts
Blue Bullet Coaxial Contacts (p.c.b.)
Blue Bullet Coaxial Contacts (Soldered Braid)
Blue Bullet Coaxial Contacts (Crimped Braid)
Blue Bullet LF Signal
Blue Bullet High Voltage Contacts
Blue Bullet Current
Individual contacts
- at 85C Tamb. 5A
- at 25C Tamb. 7.5A
Blue Bullet Working Voltage - 250V d.c. or a.c peak
Blue Bullet Proof Voltage - 1000V d.c. or a.c. peak
Blue Bullet Contact Resistance - < 2.7m Ohm Sign.
Blue Bullet Insulation Resistance - > 5G Ohm Sign..
Blue Bullet Mechanical operations - up to 500
Blue Bullet Climatic category - 55/125/56
Blue Bullet Operating temperature - 50C to +125C
Mounting Options
Blue Bullet Standard fixing holes
Blue Bullet Float mount for rear panel mounting
Blue Bullet Screwlocks fitted
(For other mounting options please see datasheet)
Contact Arrangement
Blue Bullet Shell size 1   5W1, 2W2C
Blue Bullet Shell size 2   3W3, 7W2, 11W1, 3W3C
Blue Bullet Shell size 3   5W5, 9W4, 13W3, 17W2, 21W1
Blue Bullet Shell size 4   8W8, 13W6, 17W5, 21WA4, 25W3, 27W2
Blue Bullet Shell size 5   24W7, 36W4, 43W2, 47W1


High Density Combo D-subConec has now also developed and expanded the Mixed Layout D-Subminiature Connector Family (known as Combination D-Sub Connectors) by adding High Density Layout Versions. The following High Density configurations are now available: 19W1, 15W4 and 45W2 in straight solder pin and solder cup design. This new series is now available in two variations, unsealed versions for indoor applications and in the solid body IP67 rated version well suited for outdoor harsh environment applications, IP67 in mated condition. The connectors in the solid body configuration meet the IP67 protection grade. If more stringent protection grade is required, please contact us. A variety of mounting options are available, straight and right angle contact configurations are offered. For rear panel mounting the connectors come with UNC 4-40 threaded mounting holes and are supplied with stainless steel hex locking bolts. The series features configurations that can be populated with power, coax, high voltage and signal contacts. 

Other High Density combo styles can be designed upon request.
Typical applications for this series of connectors are: medical electronics, wireless outdoor telecom systems, industrial automation, mass transportation, oil exploration, printers and displays, diagnostic systems and chemical process industries.


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General Download

ITW McMurdo D connectors (931 KB)
Conec D-sub Connectors (1570 KB)
Conec SnapLock D-Sub connector hoods (175 KB)
Sunkye R06 Nano-D sub connectors crimp MIL-DTL-32139 (2755 KB)
Sunkye R04J micro-D sub MIL-C-83513 (9884 KB)
Sunkye R04 Plastic bodied Micro D-sub connectors (10925 KB)
In2Connect D-sub connectors Range (7271 KB)



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