Circular connectors

Circular connectors are used primarily for external interfacing. Typical applications include military equipment, measuring equipment, industrial sensors, industrial equipment and machines, computers and peripherals, medical equipment, and audio and video equipment. Contact for contact, circular connectors will often take up a smaller footprint than rectangular style connectors enabling an efficient use of mounting space.

MIL-DTL-5015 & VG95234




MIL-DTL-5015 (originally MIL-C-5015), Low (Standard) density, threaded, multi-pin,  metal circular AN Military connectors. Plastic Commercial versions available.


MIL-DTL-26482 Series I, II



MIL-DTL-26482 (originally MIL-C-26482) Medium Density, multi-pin, bayonet locking, miniature military circular connector. Plastic commercial versions.

MIL-DTL -38999

38999 MIL-DTL-38999 (originally MIL-C-38999) Standard and High Density, multi-pin, lightweight, miniature military circular connectors.


LEMO M Series Connectors

LEMO M Series

Lemo M Series, triple-start, ratchet coupling, micro connectors are the latest innovative design for avionics, aerospace and military applications and outgun D38999 on both size and contact density

WA22 IP67

WA22 IP67

The WA22 round thread screw locking, IP67 plastic connector range is designed to meet the high requirements of industrial applications under harsh environmental conditions.

WP20 IP55

WP 20

The WP20 Series are 30 Amp waterproof, bayonet connectors, dust and dirt proof  intended for indoor use.

M8 M12 etc SAL connectors from Conec


Tough and robust waterproof circular M12 screw connectors are the de-facto standard in the process industry for reliable automated connections: protected to IP67 and Food + Beverage Industry types to IP69K

Hermetic M12 connectors

Hermetic M12 connector family Martec

These hermetically sealed M12 connectors are designed to exceed the mechanical and environmental requirements of IEC-61076-2-101 with fixed pin contacts, fused into a glass dielectric insert.

M12 Junction / Bus systems

Conec M12 junction-bus

Cost effective and practical M12 wiring system for sensors and actuators which meets IP67 and open field bus systems like Profibus 

Nicomatic OMM Micro Circular Connector

Nicomatic OMM   NICOMATIC introduces the OMM Micro Circular Connector at applications in small spaces such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), UVS, missiles, surveillance cameras, robotics and handheld remote controls.

SF12 Push-Pull IP67 screened

Pintail SF12

The Pintail SF12 connector range provides low-cost, weathertight, push-pull locking  interconnection for industrial applications.

Threaded IP68 Nylon Circular Connectors

SP13 IP68

The Pintail SP13, SP17 and SP21 connector ranges provide low-cost, weathertight standard interconnection for industrial and marine applications.

Circular Connectors Further Information

Classified by their part numbering scheme and testing specifications, circular connectors are often broken down into connectors that are built and referred to by their military specifications and carry a corresponding military part number and those built for commercial or industrial applications and specified by the manufacturer’s part number. Connectors built to a specific military specifications are ~ standard mil-spec circulars (Mil-DTL-5015, 83723 or VG 95234), miniature mil-spec circulars (Mil-DTL-26482, 83723, 26500 and 81703), subminiature mil-spec circular connectors (Mil-DTL-38999), heavy-duty mil-spec circular connectors (Mil-DTL-Mil-22992, 28840 and 28876) and military audio and communication connectors (Mil-DTL-10544, 55116, 44074, 55181, 55243 and 12520). Other products that fall under the military specification category include mil-spec connector contacts and accessories. A connector will either be male type (with pins or sockets) or female 'receptacle' type (with sockets or pins).  Possibilities available with circular connectors include coupling or adapters, cryogenic use, environmental protection, gold plated contacts, hermetic sealing, insulated bodies, locking nuts, underwater use, washdown capability and weatherproofing to IP68. Military (MIL-SPEC) connectors are shell-type connectors built in accordance with military specifications. Their design takes into account the need to protect the connection from environmental factors, allowing them to be used in military and aerospace applications. Parameters to consider when specifying military (MIL-SPEC) connectors include temperature range, the number of contacts, contact type, shell size, shell style or gender, coupling type (generally screw thread or bayonet), contact size (AWG), contact termination options and backshell accessories. Dust caps and dummy receptacles are available to fit most connectors ~ dummy receptacles are devices used to protect a disconnected plug from physical damage as well as from moisture and particle contamination.

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