Advanced and MicroTCA Connectors with the ept and Harting "con-card+" quality seal

ATCA CollageWith AdvancedTCA and µTCA signal connectors having 170 contacts on a pitch of 0.75mm, the specification ATCA 3.0 demands very tight tolerances for the mating PCB tracks, such that PC Board manufacturers are currently up against the limits of cost-effective production. This makes the choice of suitable connectors of decisive importance

For details of the ept products, download the PDF located in the left hand column titled 'Advanced TCA'

Since connectors must accept the maximum width tolerance of the AMC module, the offset of the axis of symmetry of PCB pad and connector contact of an AMC card of "nominal" width can be as high as 0.075mm. An AMC card of minimum width would allow a 0.15mm offset.

The core element of the new "con:card+" connectors is the patented "GuideSpring". The GuideSpring mitigates symmetry offsets by constantly pressing the AMC module against the opposite wall of the connector.

Even in a worst case scenario the GuideSpring achieves an overlap of PCB pad and contact of over 90%.

The GuideSpring has the added benefit of securing the module position against shock and vibrations, thus preventing loss of contact and surface wear. This assists the use of boards that can be produced cost-effectively by current series production methods.

AdvancedTCA AMC B+ connector

AdvancedTCA Female Backplane connector

AdvancedTCA Male connector

MicroTCA connector

MicroTCA Power Backplane Connector

MicroTCA Power Module Output connector

All with the ept and Harting "con-card+" quality seal:


Benefits of this jointly developed con:card+ philosophy include:

  • A Guide Spring for reliable positioning
  • An extra-smooth contact surface to protect the gold-plated printed-circuit board pads of the AdvancedMC™ modules
  • A wear-resistant contact plating (palladium/nickel) for protection against rough board surfaces
  • Special contact material with minimum relaxation even if contact spring load is high
  • ept's renowned high-quality press-fit connection

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AdvancedTCA connectors

ept AdvancedTCAThe PICMG Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture defines open architecture modular computing components that can be quickly integrated to deploy high performance services solutions.

Colibri 0.5mm Board to Board 8 Gbit/s "COM Express" SMT Connectors

Colibri bannerColibri 0.5mm COM Express


ept's Colibri® connector is a 2-row x 0.5mm, shielded, two piece, robust and flexible SMT stacking interconnect system designed for parallel board to board stacking application. An arrangement of 196 signal contacts and 24 shield contacts with a pitch of 0.5 mm ensures maximum contact density in a highly compact space. A dual model is available with 440 contacts.
SMT grounding clips make it possible to position connectors on circuit boards as precisely as possible. Both the receptacle and the plug have surfaces that are suitable for automatic processing. There is also the option to equip the plugs with pick-caps to facilitate assembly. Furthermore, tape and reel packaging guarantees an optimal process for automatic assembly.
The Colibri receptacle is attached to the COM module and the plug is situated on the carrier board. Surface Mount Technology for high speed pick and place of a high speed communications connector!

Velox High Speed Backplane VITA 46 Connector for VPX

ept Velox VPX Connectorept's Velox® for VPX

In some industries, the demands imposed upon embedded computing systems are particularly high. In aviation, astronautics, military applications, and in telecommunications too, it is crucial that systems have a long service life.

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