DIN 41612 (EN 60603-2) / DIN 41617

DIN 41612DIN 41612 (EN 60603-2) are 2 piece board-to-board and cable-to-board connections used in telecom, industrial automation and measurement applications

McMurdo HE801 (127 Series)


These 2 row, mixed layout HE801 & HE809  Military PCB Connectors are popular in Avionics and Military systems.

Nicomatic CMM Series 100 Signal

nicomatic cmm 100 male   The NICOMATIC CMM 100 (LF) interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with 1 row of signal contacts, from 2 to 25 ways, fixing by latch, for proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Nicomatic CMM Series 200 Signal

nicomatic 200 signal female   The NICOMATIC CMM 200 (LF) Interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with 2 rows of signal contacts, from 4 to 50 ways, fixing by latch, with proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions. 

Nicomatic CMM Series 220 Signal LF

nicomatic 220 signal male   The NICOMATIC CMM 220 (LF) Interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with 2 rows of signal contacts, known for its reliability and security, adapted to the lowest possible environments. With a large range of frequency contacts from 4 to 60 ways, and backpotting option for flexibility.

Nicomatic CMM Series 100/200/220/320/340 Mixed

CMM220Nicomatic CMM 220 are similar to McMurdo M200/M300 or Harwin datamate connectors but offer 'mixed layout' with the choice of HF, High Power, LF.

Nicomatic CMM Series 320 Mixed

nicomatic cmm 320 mixed female  

The NICOMATIC CMM 320 Mixed Interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with 3 rows of simple or mixed contacts, HF or HP. Available in male or female from 6 to 120 contacts, or up to 15HF or HP contacts.

Nicomatic CMM Series 340 Mixed

nicomatic cmm 340 female  

The NICOMATIC CMM 340 Mixed Interconnect system is a 2mm pitch connector with 3 rows of LF contacts with HP or HF. High density, mixed layout, with min of 6 LF and up to 64 HF or HP contacts. Proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Nicomatic DMM


Nicomatic DMM The new Nicomatic DMM series connector is a robust, compact and shock resistant connector complying with MIL-DTL-83513G (Micro-D standard)

Nicomatic Micro-Flex


Nicomatic Micro-flex The Micro-Flex is an innovative new connector system as well as a flex harness solution aimed at card-to-flex connections.

Nicomatic Crimpflex Connector

Nicomatic20crimpflexThe NICOMATIC Crimpflex connection system complies with the most rigorous electrical and mechanical requirements. The crimping of the contacts is obtained by piercing the conductor in 6 points. This ensures excellent mechanical retention by 2 points and electrical contact by 4 points with the lowest possible contact resistance.

ITW McMurdo 200/300 Micronector

M200This M200 / M300 2mm Connector Range is a low cost 2mm product with proven reliability, enabling 'Board-to-Board', 'Board-to-Wire', or 'Wire-to-Wire' interconnections.

McMurdo Red Range Rack & Panel Connectors

Red Range ConnectorMcMurdo Red Range cost efficient rack & panel connectors are capable of handling 5 Amps per contact (all contacts simultaneously) at 100°C ambient and 750V rms.

IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Connector

IDC flat ribbonThe IDC flat ribbon cable connector system provides a modular approach to electronic inter-connection. DIN 41651

USB 3.0

USB 3.0 Type AThe EDAC USB connector is available in three types. The type A is for your computer, the type B is for larger peripherals such as printers and the micro version which can be used in mobile phone devices.

RJ45 Magnetic Jacks

RJ45 Magnetic JacksEDAC Magnetic Jacks simplify and streamline the assembly process while continuing to provide minimal cross-talk and improved EMI performance.

This is one of the largest categories of connector types and there are 2 primary categories of PCB connectors; board-to-board and wire-to-board. Both of these categories improve manufacturability by allowing equipment to be manufactured in small sub-systems, that can be plugged together. The use of these sub-systems also allows for design flexibility and easier repair and upgrade of a system in the future. The most common PCB connector types include one-piece card edge; PCI Express, Micro TCA, and two-piece board-to-board; FFC/FPC, stacking connectors, wire-to-board, DIN41612, PCMCIA, M55302, memory/adapter card sockets, backplane and mezzanine connectors, as well as square/round post headers and receptacles likec thyose from Sullins. In2Connect UK’s range of PC connectors provides mechanical and electrical connection to printed circuit boards, attached via through-hole, press-fit or surface-mounting. In2Connect stock board to board connectors, DIN41612, Hard Metric 2mm, PC/104, MicroTCA, ATCA; wire to board connectors; panel to rack, stacking connectors, PCB edge connectors, PCB in/out connectors like d-sub, USB and RJ45 and many more.

Board-to-board (PCB to PCB) connectors are used to connect printed circuit board electronic components that contain a conductive pattern printed on the surface of the insulating base in an accurate and repeatable manner. Each terminal on a board to board connector is connected to a PCB. A board to board connector includes housing and a specific number of terminals.
Board to board connectors will be selected by board mounting method, arguably the most popular being:

1. Through-hole technology
2. Surface-mount technology
3. Press-fit technology
Board to board connectors will be chosen to suit the mounting method, pin pitch, number of the rows (aka number of the ways), pin length, stacker height etc.

In2Connect has a broad offering of high reliability, extreme environment interconnect and PCB to PCB board level connector products for the Defence and Aerospace sectors as well as telecommunications, data communications, computer, avionics, test and measurement, instrumentation and process control and medical applications.

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