THTR cost savings make quite a DIN

ept offer a range of male IEC 60603-2 (DIN 41612) connectors for reflow soldering


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 New from 'ept' and In2Connect are DIN 41612 (IEC 60603-2)  Through-Hole Technology Reflow solder connectors that can save important time and associated PCB assembly costs.




Until now, the most cost-effective means of applying a right angled male 41612 connector was to "press-fit" the connector to the PCB after all the other board components had been placed and reflow soldered. A logical addition to the standard press-fit male connectors, these new 'ept' "paste in hole" DIN 41612 THTR (Through-Hole Technology Reflow) types, can be fitted as with all other SMT reflow solder components before processing ~ completely eliminating the "press-fit" step and double handling of the PCB. The connector is manufactured with a high-temp plastic body moulding able to withstand a +260° C lead free soldering process to fulfil the requirements of J-STD-020D (Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Non Hermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices).

This all means less time, fewer production steps, and lower overall costs.

Samples of type C (male) 103-40064TH are available, plus other pin arrangements like DIN 41612 types DIN B male; B/2 male; B female; C female and DIN R male connectors can be supplied in a THTR-version.

Samples of following p/n are available:


Other pin loading, or connectors with boardlocks, etc. can be built at short notice.

Availability for volume shipments:  low quantities at short notice; higher quantities on request.

Please get in touch with us.

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DIN connectors are used in various applications with different termination methods. The DIN type C connectors are also available in press-fit and other solder technology.



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DIN 41612 (EN 60603-2) is a 2 piece backplane/daughter board connector in solder or Press-Fit technology that provides a versatile, high reliability, high density keyed interface between PCBs as used in telecommunications PC mainframes, test equipment, etc. DIN 41612 connectors are used in STEbus, Futurebus, VMEbus, Multibus II, NuBus, VXI Bus, eurocard TRAM motherboards, and Europe Card Bus, all of which normally use male DIN 41612 connectors on Eurocards mated with female DIN 41612 on the backplane.

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