Press Fit D-Sub connector

Conec D-sub standard Conec, straight PC D-sub connectors with press-fit contacts and are used on PCB boards for equipment in industrial control systems, computer environment and in telecommunication equipment.


Standard or High Density D-sub connectors can have press-fit contacts. Press Fit technology is a solderless connectionConec D-sub standard small method which is increasingly popular in mass board production.

Soldering can have several disadvantages ~ it can create thermal stress, and pretty obviously requires solder to be applied in what can be a costly reflow manufacturing process.

Press-fit technology consists of force fitting an oversized contact pin into the plated through hole of a printed circuit board (PCB) as an 'interference' fit.

The high radial pressure produces a deformation, resulting in a gas-tight electrical connection of high quality.

This difference in pin cross section and hole diameter results in a deformation of either the PCB hole or the cross section of the pin during the insertion process of pin into PCB hole.

Key Features

Features and benefits

Blue Bullet RoHS compliant
Blue Bullet Helps avoid the cost and time of an additional wave solder process
Blue Bullet Is compatible with any PCB thickness starting from 1.6mm, a great advantage for thick backplanes
Blue Bullet Various mounting options including threaded inserts, receptacle screw locks and harpoons for grounding purpose
Blue Bullet Meets the industry's increasing need for higher density connectors
Blue Bullet Also available as High density 15, 26, 44, 62 and 78 way


Blue Bullet Shell - Steel tin plated (brass tin plated or stainless steel available on request)
Blue Bullet Insulator - Polyester GF UL94 V-0
Blue Bullet Contacts - CU alloy
Blue Bullet Contact plating - Gold plated over nickel
Blue Bullet Test voltage U eff NN - 1000 V
Blue Bullet Current rating - 7,5 A (UL) 5 A (CSA,VDE)
Blue Bullet Working voltage - 125 V ≈
Depending on isolation coordination (refer to DIN VDE 0110 IEC 664-1)
Blue Bullet Contact resistance - Max. 10 mΩ prior to stressing, Δ R max. 10 mΩ after stressing
per DIN 41652, Part 2
Blue Bullet Insulation resistance - ≥5 GΩ
Blue Bullet Clearance and creepage distance -
Contact - contact ≥ .004" 1.0 mm
Contact - earth ≥ .047" 1.2 mm
Blue Bullet Mating and unmating forces -
9 pos. ≤ 30 N
15 pos. ≤ 50 N
25 pos. ≤ 83 N
37 pos. ≤ 123 N
50 pos. ≤ 167 N
Blue Bullet Mounting style: with M3 or 4-40 UNC threaded rear spacer
Blue Bullet For 0.40"/1.0mm (+) .003"/0.09mm
(-) .002"/0.06mm
finished through-hole diameter
Blue Bullet Order press-fit tool separately
Blue Bullet Operating Temperature - -55 °C to + 125 °C
Contact Arrangement
Blue Bullet 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50                                     
Quality class
Blue Bullet A = Quality class 3 = 50 mating cycles
Blue Bullet B = Quality class 2 = 200 mating cycles
Blue Bullet C = Quality class 1 = 500 mating cycles


Assembly of press-fit d-sub connectors and sockets with the PCB requires only simple tooling which can be installed on a small press: a base plate with holes corresponding to the hole pattern of the PCB and an upper tool. Press-Fit d-sub connectors can provide a versatile, high reliability, high density keyed interface between PCBs and the external environment.





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