Nicomatic Crimpflex Connector

Nicomatic20crimpflexNicomatic Crimpflex Connectors

The NICOMATIC Crimpflex 2.54mm and 1.27mm connection systems comply with the most rigorous electrical and mechanical requirements. The crimping of the contacts is obtained by piercing the conductor in 6 points. This ensures excellent mechanical retention by 2 points and electrical contact by 4 points with the lowest possible contact resistance. 2 to 36 ways on 75 to 400um thickness material.


Nicomatic CrimpFlex™ 1.27mm pitch jumper cables offer lightweight flat flexible cables with robust crimp of contacts. These cables provide a solution for confined space requirements and with the ability to bend and flex, can replace round cables in many applications. Nicomatic is the only supplier worldwide who manufactures both FFC and interconnects and can supply standard and custom designs fast and cost effectively.
Nicomatic jumper cables are made of flat cables (flat tinned copper conductors laminated between 2 layers of polyester ­ PEN and Polyimide options as well) crimped with CRIMPFLEX™ male solder-tabs or female tin or gold plated connectors. The housings produced are side to side & end to end stackable. Connectors are available in standard or latching styles in one or two rows up to 100 ways (50 positions per row). 1.27mm pitch jumper cables answer the miniaturization needs and offer an excellent more robust alternative to existing higher pitch market solutions or ZIF/LIF connector solutions. Value added services like labelling and shielding also available.

Key Features

Features include:

  • Use of contacts in reel at final pitch of 2.54mm (0.100)
  • Mass termination of all contacts in one press stroke which saves time and allows more accuracy
  • Crimp is easily inspected
  • The housing is assembled after crimping
  • The width of the circuit is not limited by the width of the housing
  • The housing can be removed
  • The broadest range of connector solutions in the industry

In addition, NICOMATIC supply PCB connectors, connectors for flexible circuits and flex-cable jumpers as well as connector cable assemblies and custom solutions according to your specification. NICOMATIC has been involved in a large number of custom-designed connector assemblies over the last few years and has a proven track-record in avionics, military, space & transportation applications.

NICOMATIC is certified ISO 9001:2000 and their quality management system is applicable to any type of development, manufacturing, assembly and delivery of systems, components and connections.


Technical Data
Blue Bullet Material: Phosphor Bronze
Blue Bullet Male Solder Tab Plating: The standard connector is tin plated
Blue Bullet Male Pins & Female Contacts Plating: The standard connector is tin plated, Selective gold plating in mating area, Other thickness plating available.
Blue Bullet Certifications: UL: E 125469 (component - connectors for use in data, signal, control and power applications).
Blue Bullet Contact resistance: 5m max
Blue Bullet Contact resistance after environmental tests: 6m max
Blue Bullet Insulation resistance: 5.10 M at 500V
Blue Bullet Withstanding voltage: 1 100 V RMS
Blue Bullet Capacitance between two contacts: 4pF Max
Blue Bullet DC current rating per contact: 3 A continuous
Blue Bullet AC current rating per contact: 5 A continuous
Blue Bullet Operating Temperature: -55c to +150c
Blue Bullet Crimping environment: Copper conductors, silver or carbon ink printed conductors, EL lamps
Blue Bullet All types of flexible circuits whose thickness ranges from 75u to 350u (0.003" to 0.014")
Blue Bullet Can pierce all kinds of supports: polyester, FR4, polyimide, PTFE etc
Blue Bullet Crimp strength to laminated cable:

15 N min. (3.3lbs) perpendicular to the tracks (breaking up of the conductor)

Blue Bullet  50 N min. (11.2lbs) parallel to the tracks (breaking up of the conductor)


NICOMATIC CRIMPFLEX™ connectors and jumper cables offer the market the best technical specification; with high mechanical strength and low contact resistance:
- 15mOhm resistance instead of 25mOhm = 60% better than what can be found on the market place
- 3A direct current rating per contact is the same level of performance as that of the 2.54mm pitch
- 19N contact retention force far better than ZIF/LIF and other existing solutions


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