Nicomatic CMM 220

CMM220Nicomatic CMM 220 Mixed Layout Micro Connectors, 2mm Pitch. Nicomatic are the inventor of the CMM micro-connector system developed for the defence, aerospace and transportation markets.


The Nicomatic CMM 220 system is a low cost 2mm pitch connector with reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions. The Nicomatic CMM 220 range is similar to the popular McMurdo M200/M300 and Harwin Datamate 2mm series, but offers 'mixed layout' capabilities, 4 to 60 LF contacts, or up to 15 HF or HP contacts (series 30), hence providing the designer with a choice of High Frequency, High Power, Low Frequency and Fibre Optic in a common, space saving footprint. Termination styles are also available for through-hole, surface mount and press-fit. These connectors will intermate with similar ranges like those from Harwin and ATI.

cmm 220 connectors CMM 220 222S10M11 paint 222Y06M11-0100-2300CMM CMM220 Family photo Cable & Harnessing CMM320 Micronector 220


An integral jacking mechanism provides security to the mated pair from the effects of vibration, whilst a high temperature insulator allows infrared or vapour phase soldering.

Key Features


Blue Bullet Excellent mechanical and environmental characteristics
Blue Bullet 2mm pitch board footprint
Blue Bullet Light weight and space saving
Blue Bullet Mixed layout: Signal, High Frequency and Power
Blue Bullet Resistant to solvents and radiation plus oxygen free
Blue Bullet Board-to-board, board-to-wire and wire-to-wire connections
Blue Bullet High density - saves up to 50% space and weight over conventional connectors or Sub-D
Blue Bullet One, two or three rows from two to 120 contacts
Blue Bullet Harsh environment usage
Blue Bullet Mixed layout option: 4 to 60 LF contacts, or up to 15 HF or HP contacts (series 30).High frequency (up to 6GHz), high power (up to 20A), and low frequency contacts (3A) in one connector
Blue Bullet MIL-DTL-55302F and BS9525-F0033
Blue Bullet RoHS compliant and whiskers-free
Blue Bullet Rack and locked interconnection
Blue Bullet Built-in screwjacks to negate high vibrations
Blue Bullet Peak reflow compatible 260°C
Blue Bullet Allows infrared, wave or vapour phase soldering
Blue Bullet Intermateable and drop in replacements for McMurdo Micronector 220 and Harwin Datamate Mix-Tek series. These ranges are comparable in fit, form and function.


Blue Bullet Insulator - High temperature thermoplastic
Blue Bullet Contact - Copper alloy plated hard acid gold
Blue Bullet Termination - Hard acid gold or tin/lead
Blue Bullet Current
Individual contact (in isolation)
- at 25C Tamb. 3.3A max.
- at 85C Tamb. 2.6A max.
All contacts (simultaneously)
- at 25C Tamb. 3.0A max.
- at 85C Tamb. 2.2A max.
Blue Bullet Working Voltage - tested at 800 V DC
Blue Bullet Proof Voltage - tested at 1,200 V DC
Blue Bullet Contact Resistance (initially) - 10mΩ max.
Blue Bullet Insulation Resistance (initially) - 1000MΩ min.
Blue Bullet  Mechanical operations - up ton 2500 cycles
Blue Bullet  Insertion and withdrawal force 2N max. / 0.2N min. per contact
Blue Bullet  Contact retention - 10N min
Blue Bullet  Crimp barrel accommodation - 22 A.W.G. - 28 A.W.G. to BS G 210 Type A
Blue Bullet Temperature range -60ºC to 260ºC
Blue Bullet Vibration severity: 0.75mm, 10g RMS 6 hours long random with superimposed sinusoid.
No intermittancies measured when using an H.S.L.I. (High Speed Logic Interupt) detector with a trip threshold of 2ns
Blue Bullet Shock severity - 100g for 6ms
Contact Arrangement
Blue Bullet 4 to 60 Low Frequency contacts, or up to 15 High Frequency or High power contacts (Series 30)
Blue Bullet Low Frequency Terminations
Blue Bullet High Frequency Contacts
Blue Bullet High Power Contacts


Nicomatic has developed back potting services and shapes as a fast, flexible and reliable solution for harness protection in the CMM Connector Series. These backpotting solutions provide protection from moisture or debris to the contacts while offer strain relief to the wire and cable as an effective alternative to overmolding or backshells.
Nicomatic CMM Series 200 and Series 220 use backpotting shapes made from thermoplastic plastics (Polyethylene or Polypropylene) rated to 100ºC. These shapes work equally well with male and female connectors while the CMM320 and CMM340 use extended walls in the housings allowing them to be filled
and protect terminated contacts.
In2Connect recommend usage of Stycast 2651 MM with Catalyst 9 (8% - 10%) and can also offer harness assembly either pigtailed or complete.


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