Materials - Connectors Field Attachable
Blue Bullet  Contact content - CuZn
Blue Bullet  Contact plating - Nickel-plated, gold-plated
Blue Bullet  Contact carrier - PA6, UL 94
Blue Bullet  Housing - Standard: PA6 GF, UL 94 / Shielded: Die Cast, nickel-plated
Blue Bullet  Clamp-Screw Contact - S.Steel, nickel-plated
Blue Bullet  Sealing - Elastomeric
Blue Bullet  O-Ring - FPM
Blue Bullet  Coupling nut/-screw - Die Cast, nickel-plated
Blue Bullet Current Rating - IEC 61076-2-101
Blue Bullet Rated voltage - IEC 61076-2-101
Blue Bullet Insulation resistance - IEC 60512-2
Blue Bullet Degree of protection - IEC 60529
Blue Bullet Mating cycles - IEC 61076-2-101
Blue Bullet Temperature range - IEC 60664-1
Blue Bullet Pollution degree - IEC 60664-1
Blue Bullet Moulded to cable -
- Female connector, axial
- Male connector, axial
- Female connector, angled
- Male connector, angled
- Female connector, angled with LED
- Female connector, axial with 360- shielding
- Male connector, axial with 360- shielding
- Female connector, angled with 360- shielding
- Male connector, angled with 360- shielding
- Connecting cables
Blue Bullet Loose field-attachable -
- Female connector, axial, field-attachable with clamp connection
- Female connector, axial, field-attachable with screw termination
- Male connector, axial, field-attachable with clamp connection
- Male connector, axial, field-attachable with screw termination
- Female connector, angled, field-attachable with clamp connection
- Female connector, angled, field-attachable with screw termination
- Male connector, angled, field-attachable with clamp connection
- Male connector, angled, field-attachable with screw termination
- Female connector, axial, field-attachable, shielded with clamp connection
- Female connector, axial, field-attachable, shielded with screw termination
Blue Bullet Sockets, PCB or wire -
- Female socket with wire, frontmounting, M16x1.5-thread
- Female socket with wire, frontmounting, PG9-thread
- Female socket with wire, frontmounting, positioning possible, M16x1.5-thread
- Female socket with wire, frontmounting, positioning possible, PG9-thread
- Male socket with wire, frontmounting, positioning possible, M16x1.5-thread
- Male socket with wire, frontmounting, positioning possible, PG9-thread
- Female socket with wire, backmounting, M16x1.5-thread
- Female socket with wire, backmounting, PG9-thread
- Male socket with wire, backmounting, M16x1.5-thread
- Male socket with wire, backmounting, PG9-thread
- Female socket dip-solder, backmounting, M16x1.5-thread
- Female socket dip-solder, backmounting, PG9-thread
- Male socket dip-solder, backmounting, M16x-1.5-thread
- Male socket dip-solder, backmounting, PG9-thread
- Female socket frontmounting, axial, installation height 5.5mm, optional with shroud
- Female socket frontmounting, axial, installation height 10mm, optional with shroud
- Male socket frontmounting, axial, installation height 5.5mm, optional with shroud
- Male socket frontmounting, axial, installation height 10mm, optional with shroud
- Female socket backmounting, axial, installation height 5.5mm, optional with shroud
- Female socket backmounting, axial, installation height 10mm, optional with shroud
- Male socket backmounting, axial, installation height 5.5mm, optional with shroud
- Male socket backmounting, axial, installation height 10mm, optional with shroud
- Female socket frontmounting, dip-solder, angled, optional with shroud
- Male socket frontmounting, dip-solder, angled, optional with shroud
- Female socket backmounting, dip-solder, angled, optional with shroud
- Male socket backmounting, dip-solder, angled, optional with shroud

M8 M12 etc SAL connectors from Conec


Tough and robust, waterproof, circular M12 screw connectors are the de-facto standard in the process industry for reliable automated connections: protected to IP67 and Food + Beverage Industry types to IP69K

The M12 style connector comes with a screw lock, used for low voltage and has between 2 and 8 contacts. Conec M12 connectors are IP67 rated and well suited for wet, moisture-laden environments.

These M12 connectors may also be coded. The common used keyed types are:
A-Coded; used with Sensor Actuators
B-Coded; used with field buses
D-Coded; used with Industrial Ethernet    X-Coded; used with10 Gbps Ethernet

M-style connectors are categorised by the size of the threaded locking nut; these include M8, and M12 connectors. They are the most commonly used connector for automation applications and are the de-facto standard for sensors monitoring measurement and safety systems. These connectors can be used to implement a flexible input-output (I/O) or field-bus connection on the circuit board. M12 connectors with D-coding comply with Industrial Ethernet standards (IEC 61067-2-101, Amendment 1). M12 connectors are now recommended for nearly all field-bus specifications, and meet the IP67 protection standards rating (IEC 61076-2-101). They are not intended for use under continuous pressure. In consideration of the broad range of ‘rained on’ definitions, the industry appears to have agreed to a ‘test of immersion for 30 minutes, at a depth of 1 metre, or the equivalent air test at 1.45 psi. That is the Qualification Test. (Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1metre. Duration of test 30minutes). They are also traditionally used to connect sensors and actuators in automation systems. An expansion (Amendment 1) of the IEC 61076-2-101 standard describes a 4-pole, D-coded variant specified for a higher protective class of Industrial Ethernet applications ~ these requirements correspond to those of a Category-5 modular jack (RJ45) connector, according to the EIA/TIA standard. The D-coding prevents the connector from being confused with the A-coding used for sensor-actuator wiring, or the B-coding used with some field buses. 

Moulded to cable

Over-moulded metric type connectors improve durability and streamline the size, as well as the appearance, of a cable connection. Over-moulding can also reduce the cost of lifetime ownership of cable assemblies, making it an important consideration for harsh environment applications. The extra strain relief around the wire terminations offers increased durability because the strain relief bonds to the cable jacket. These connectors, available with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 contacts provide innovative connection technology fulfilling the requirements of protection class IP 67. The standard programme has moulded versions with anti-vibration locking and they come in various cable lengths and quality. Components with 2 or 3 LEDs are available to indicate operating voltage and/or the switching status.

When it gets really tough: Shielded connectors from CONEC protect and bypass weak signals. A uniform cable shielding ensures seamless signal transmission. Connection cables with a combination of connectors and/or adapters can be used for nearly any cabling application, plus they can be used on many types of machinery using capacitive, inductive or optical sensors.

 Conec M12- 2


Field attachable connectors from CONEC give you the freedom and flexibility to react to the cabling situation on site or to build your own M12 cables. Field-attachable connectors allow for stripped wire to be attached to the connector in the field using a simple screwdriver tool. This facilitates a faster, less complicated installation. CONEC has engineered their contact design for M12x1 connectors. The contacts can now take up wire cross-sections of max. 1.5 mm² including wire-end sleeve. With a wire cross-section of 1.5 mm², the connector is able to transmit up to 7.5 A per contact. Now the 5th contact can be terminated in vertical direction just like the contacts 1 - 4. An essential point is that the outer shape of the connectors has not been modified in any way.

For example, some cables may be challenging to install, due to the need to be fed through small holes. Circular connectors that can be terminated in the field solve this problem, compared to buying double-ended, over-moulded cable assemblies that require holes or spaces of 20 mm or more. Also, if the exact cable length is unknown, the cable length may be sized on the job, which avoids order errors. Practical, cost-effective and, above all, flexible solutions for quick cabling are required for both small series as well as special purpose machines. This programme comprises 4 or 5 pole connectors and adapters with anti-vibration locking - in a straight or angled construction as well as in shielded versions. You can choose between screw and clamp connections as well as a maximum cable diameter of 6 or 8mm. Field-attachable connectors are available in axial construction as well as a 90-degree angled construction. This also provides a lower profile/clearance advantage for tight space installations.

Connectors exported for use in North America, should be UL-certified. Compliance with the US safety regulations is evidenced by a certification mark of “Underwriters Laboratory”. To gain Certification, the manufacturer must prove that they comply with the specified safety requirements. Because of the International nature of our business, the field attachable connector versions of the M8x1 and M12x1 series from Conec are now UL-approved in accordance with UL 2238. In addition to the standard products with A coding (M8x1 and M12x1), the B and D coded variants (M12x1), axial or angled with the corresponding rated voltage and current rating values, are also certified.

Crimp contact M12x1 Connectors for field installation

In industry and transport, M12 connectors are much used for sensor / activator wiring as well as for BUS systems. Short time-to-market requirements and high cost pressure make it necessary to build systems quickly, flexibly and reliably. During implementation, easy field attachable connectors will play a crucial role. 
The new CONEC M12 field attachable connector with crimp connection offers the appropriate solution and is available in A, B, D, and X coding. This very compact and light design is ideal for applications with low space and weight. 
CONEC M12 Crimp X-coded is designed for Ethernet applications with data rates up to 10 Gigabit/s, allowing applications with high data rates to be implemented in an industrial environment. The turned crimp contacts can take stranded wire cross-sections from AWG 28 to AWG 22 (for X-coding) and from AWG 24 to AWG 18 (for A-, B- and D-coding) and are thus suitable for a wide range of commercial industrial data cables. The advantage of the machined crimp contacts is a reliable and gas-tight connection to the stranded wire which ensures constant low resistance even in extreme conditions. In addition, the female connectors are also available with so-called closed entry contacts offering an additional plug-in security of the socket contacts. The crimp contacts can be processed with commercially available crimping tool and machinery, however the X-coded version requires a specific CONEC crimping tool plus selector. The CONEC M12 Crimp connectors are protected against loosening due to vibrations during operation by a tactile vibration lock. The connector shell is entirely made of metal and therefore fully shielded. The connectors are designed for cable diameter of 4.5 to 8.3 mm and the shielding connection is done 360° to the full extent. All versions meet protection degree IP67 when mated. 

Conec M12 field-attachable


Example Part. No.: 
43-00092 SAL-12-RKC4-S/150 
43-00094 SAL-12-RKC5-S/150 
43-00100 SAL-12-RSC4-S/150 
43-00102 SAL-12-RSC5-S/150 
43-00096 SAL-12-RKWC4-S/150 
43-00098 SAL-12-RKWC5-S/150 
43-00104 SAL-12-RSWC4-S/150 
43-00106 SAL-12-RSWC5-S/150


Conec Sensor Actuator SAL connectors  

Download Conec M12 moulded & field attachable connector data



X-Coded M12x1 Circular connectors

In industry, Ethernet cabling connectors come in a number of formats beyond the standard RJ45 - such as M12, push-pull V14, and IP67/68 protected circular connectors. Modern automation solutions need universal communication cabling for the different networks. Higher speed connectors are demanded in the circuit between the office world and the production level. Data bus systems like Profibus, DeviceNet and Industrial Ethernet each have their own defined type of connector and, in some cases, colour coding, contact arrangement and wiring code. The construction and design of the connectors that are necessary for data communication are bus-specific and should be carefully selected. Circular versions are available for Profibus DP, industrial Ethernet and DeviceNet protocols in several specifications. Conec M12x1 X-coded connectors have been developed for such applications. These components are designed for transmission technology according to CAT6A and 500 MHz/10 Gigabit, and are standardised to IEC 61076-2-109. These X-code connectors have 4 shielded pairs, for reliable high speed data transfer in such applications as vision systems and other high-speed data transfer: plus industrial grade materials for harsh environments, all in the small M12 connector.
The current product range includes patch cables in the standard lengths of 1, 2, 5 and 10 m as well as a female socket with pc tails for panel mounting. Manufactured using industrial-grade materials and machined contacts, the M12x1 X-code connectors combine reliable high-speed data transmission with rugged connector construction.

Part number:               Description:

43-15364                    SAL-12X-RS8.8-RS8.8-1 ⁄ GG
43-15365                    SAL-12X-RS8.8-RS8.8-2 ⁄ GG
43-15366                    SAL-12X-RS8.8-RS8.8-5 ⁄ GG
43-15367                    SAL-12X-RS8.8-RS8.8-10 ⁄ GG
43-01847                    SAL-12X-FK8.8 ⁄ 7,2 ⁄ 12


M12x1 X-Coded connectors



M12 Connectors with LEDs


An extensive selection of sockets of various sizes, configurations and connection types is at your disposal. Choose from the sizes M12x1, M8x1, 7/8“. Sockets with wire, dip-solder as well as with overmoulded cable in front or back mounting with PG9 or M16x1,5 thread. PCB versions axial and angled as well as contact carrier for SMT processing complete the range.

M12 Connectors with LEDs


Enhanced Shielded M12x1 Connectors for Harsh Environments

CONEC’s new Shielded M12x1 connector meets the current needs for reliable high speed data, even in harsh environments. For enhanced EMI performance, the body shield has been extended to the surface of the PCB, eliminating any apertures that could cause EMI leakage.
This shielded M12 is especially well suited to applications that require high reliability and interference free data signals. In addition to the IP67 sealing that you expect with M12x1 connectors, these connectors have
360 degree of cable screen termination minimising the possibility of electrical interference in sensitive applications such as GPS and video signal transmission. This 360 degree shielding is achieved with 3 extra grounding pins, to ensure low impedance in the ground path, and full coverage of the ground traces on the PCB. These PCB mounted M12x1 connectors are available in rear mount configuration, in “A coding” with 4, 5, or 8 pins, “B coding” with 4 pins, and “D coding” with 4 pins.

 360 Shielded M12


Food Ind

Special Connectors for the Food industry


M8/M12 (F+B) sensor connectors; heavy-duty rectangular and circular connectors on the machinery and PCB and I/O connectors for the control boards and control equipment like servomotors or inverters designed to operate in the food industry, where hygiene and thus cleaning of machines with aggressive cleaning agents, water, and pressure hoses is important will require high IP grades and corrosion-resistant shells and housings.

 M12 connectors Food Industry

Conec now offers a full line of industrial grade connectors and connection systems that include rugged IP67 and IP69K sealing and ease of mateability for harsh factory conditions. Compliant with the highest levels of protection required by IEC specifications, Conec's Industrial Circular M12 connectors feature a robust stainless steel housing that is entirely dustproof and waterproof and will interface with industry standard valves like Parker Hannifin’s Isys HA and HB ISO 15407-1 valves which feature a central four-pin M12 connector that offers a single electrical connection for double sand single solenoids through a cord set linked to an I/O distribution block or an M12 fieldbus output module. These resilient connectors retain their integrity even under the harsh conditions found in the food processing industry.
The new series provides a variety of M12 connector options that can be especially customized for the food and beverage (F&B) market, which has very specific requirements regarding quality of materials used to meet strict hygiene requirements. Conec industrial grade connectors are resistant to the harsh cleaning agents commonly used in high pressure cleaning processes.
Also, as uptime and productivity are crucial to meeting production and packaging goals in food and beverage applications, and because the Industrial Circular M12 Connectors are IP67/IP69K sealed and feature rugged housing, they provide wear-free connectivity for the highest level of reliability and long-term stability. This robustness makes them ideal for food processing applications that require continuous production cycles.

Sensor Actuator M12 Food and Beverage Connectors   Download Conec M8/M12 FBEV connector data


Protective caps

Protective caps for M12 connectors


M12 connector caps

CONEC has expanded its offering of Protection Caps for Circular Connectors. The IP67 rated caps are designed to protect unused interfaces from moisture, contamination and damage during production, shipping and storage. Application fields are junction boxes, rotary encoders, distribution cabinets and controllers.

The standard colour is black - dependent upon volume additional colours are available on request.

For Glass/Metal sealed Hermetic M-M12 connectors click here



Blue Bullet Installation size - M12 X 1
Blue Bullet No of poles - 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12
Blue Bullet Coding - (A-coding) and (S- A-coding shielded)
Blue Bullet LED display - 2L and 3L
Blue Bullet Cable Characteristics:

A1-PVC, grey
A3-PVC, grey, UL
G2-TPU, black, shielded, UL
G3-PVC, grey, shielded, UL
J1-TPU, orange, irradiated, halogenfree, UL
K1-TPU, black, high flexible, halogenfree, UL


Sockets, PCB or wire

Connectors and adapters with 4, 5 and 8 contacts are available  with 0.5mm long single wires as well as well as pin contacts for the M12x1 connection to the device. Front mounted flange connectors with wires are also available and can be positioned with a lock nut. Flange connectors and adapters for rear housing mounting; with different length pin contacts for soldering directly on the printed circuit board complete the programme. An installation flange for direct assembly on the printed circuit board is also available with a shielded connection option in an axial and angled version. A spring-loaded shield plate connects the flange housing directly to the printed circuit board, which is especially important in bus applications. All products in this series are designed for a printed circuit board thickness of 1.6mm and a device wall thickness of 2-3mm. You can select from two different installation heights (10.0mm and 5.5mm) for the axial version.

Conec M12 PCB-sockets


Sensor Actuator M12 etc SAL sockets  

Download Conec M8 M12 etc sockets connector data

Conec has expanded its range of M12 automation connectors to include 4, 5 and 8 pin Surface Mount versions (SMT) with A, B or D-coding and a shielding option.

Available as Tape and Reel in rolls of 75 units or in bulk or tray packaging. Suitable for automated pick and place assembly

Gold plated contacts

Protection class IP 67 in mated condition

Accessories available

Machined contacts

A-coded versions are successfully used for power supply on sensor/actuator distribution boxes or on Ethernet switches. The A-coded connectors are also standard for low voltage switching devices according to IEC 60947-5-2. The modular connector system includes male connectors of 9 or 13mm mounting hardware with O-ring seals ensure protection according to IP67.

M12 Female Socket with shielding SMT-version


Sensor Actuator M12 SMT connector

Download Conec M12 SMT connector data

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