LEMO M Series Connectors

LEMO M Series

LEMO M Series Corrosion Resistant connectors

The LEMO M series range of triple-start ratchet coupling micro connectors is the smallest, high count multi-pin, 360 degree shielded, 'one-grip' screw-lock connection for avionics, aerospace and man-portable or vehicular military applications. They are fully shielded, vibration secure and can be IP potted. The all NEW LEMO NiCorAl corrosion-resistant finish is a unique Nickel Teflon, anthracite grey and has been specially developed for this connector range. Fully tested to AECTP 300 | MIL-STD-810 | MIL-STD-202 standards the new NiCorAl treated aluminium bodied M Series have passed the 500 hour salt spray test whilst the brass bodied M Series versions have passed in excess of 1000 hours. The LEMO NiCorAl salt spray corrosion resistant finish passes both RoHS and REACH Legislation.



LEMO wins the contest over MIL-DTL-38999 on space savings and contact density. These connectors are for the designer that requires a MIL-DTL-38999 type connector but in a much smaller lightweight package. For planform layouts ranging from 2 to 114 contacts click Insert planforms. The Lemo M Series smaller diameter solution offers savings of up to 45% on flange to PCB depth.

For applications including man-portable, vehicle-mounted and aircraft electronics, the M-Series is the smallest multi-pin, full shielded, 3/4 turn vibration-secure and sealed connector available, offering a lightweight connection with high pin-count density, 360 degree EMC shielding protection, and LEMO rugged quality.

LEMO M-Series high strength aluminium connectors, anthracite colour nickel plated shell code "X" incorporate a triple-start fast-locking ratchet mechanism for use in high vibration and harsh environments. It is one of the lightest and most compact connectors of the LEMO product range providing significant size and weight advantages over MIL-38999 connectors and other micro circular connectors.

The new MM Series micro connector is the smallest of the LEMO M Series ratchet coupling connectors providing u[p to 4 contacts in a ruggedised micro housing.

Lemo M Series 1 Lemo M cut-away Lemo M Series 2 Lemo M Series Lemo M Series USB LEMO Logo

The M Series has a full range of shell design options in either Ni Plated Aluminium or Chrome plated Brass (shell code "C"), including knurled finished shell for space savings or arctic grip shell for use with gloves, and back-end designs for metal tie-wrap, overmould or MIL-DTL-38999L backshell options.

Designed for use in harsh environments, M Series connectors have been tested to the full range of MIL tests including vibration, gunfire, altitude, lightning, temperature, immersion, chemical and flammability, clearly demonstrating capability of the range to handle typical military and security applications.



Key Features

Key Features

Blue Bullet Compact rugged design for space savings in tough environments
Blue Bullet 3/4 turn to seat mating for fast & secure connection
Blue Bullet Precision gold plated contacts for high performance
Blue Bullet Small size with high contact density for significant space savings
Blue Bullet Multiple keys and keyways for ease of mating and security
Blue Bullet Integral backshell
Blue Bullet Short flange to pcb depth for reduced enclosure sizes
Blue Bullet Reduced crimp barrel contacts for down to 32AWG
Blue Bullet High vibration and shock resistance (gunfire test)
Blue Bullet Oil and fuel resistant
Blue Bullet IP68 when mated
Blue Bullet -50c to +200c temperature capability
Blue Bullet 360 degree screening for full EMC shielding
Blue Bullet Sealed to IP68 when mated
Blue Bullet Sand & Dust resistant
Blue Bullet Colour coding/keying for security against cross mating
Blue Bullet Scoop proof with 5 keyway options
Blue Bullet Threaded for MIL-DTL-38999L backshell option
Blue Bullet Reverse gender configurations available
Blue Bullet NiCorAl surface resistivity is less than 1.5mOhm


Blue Bullet Outer shell "C" = Brass (UNS C 38500)
  "X" = Aluminium alloy (AA 6262A or AA 6023)
Blue Bullet Conical nut "C" = Brass (UNS C 38500)
  "X" = Aluminium alloy (AA 6262A or AA 6023)
Blue Bullet Earthing crown - Bronze (UNS C 54400) or special brass
Blue Bullet Coupling nut "C" = Brass (UNS C 38500)
  "X" = Aluminium alloy (AA 6262A or AA 6023)
Blue Bullet Ratchet - Special PEEK
Blue Bullet Hexagonal nut "C" = Brass (UNS C 38500)
  "X" = Aluminium alloy (AA 6262A or AA 6023)
Blue Bullet Male crimp contact - Brass (UNS C 34500)
Blue Bullet Female crimp contact - Bronze (UNS C 54400)
Blue Bullet Clips - Cu-Be or special steel
Blue Bullet Insulator - PEEK
Blue Bullet O-ring "C" =Silicone, "X" = FPM/FKM (Viton)
Blue Bullet Sealing resin - Epoxy (Araldite or Stycast)
Blue Bullet Cable rear seal - Fluorosilicone
Blue Bullet Spring - Stainless steel
Blue Bullet Shell to shell conductivity: < 1.5m Ohm Sign
Blue Bullet Insulation Resistance:
  >10¹² ohm, >10¹º ohm after humidity
Blue Bullet Shielding effectiveness
  Low Freq >80 db up to 1 Ghz
  HIgh Freq >70 db (3GHz), > 58 db (6GHz) > 40db (10GHz)
Blue Bullet Dielectric withstanding voltage (sea level)
  Click Withstand voltage
Blue Bullet Contact resistance:
  Click Contact resistance
Blue Bullet Current rating:
  Click Current rating
Blue Bullet Endurance: 3000 cycles (1000 cycles for 5M series)
Blue Bullet Gunfire vibration: 25 to 2000 Hz, 3 axis (Apache helicopter)
Blue Bullet Vibration-Sine: 30g, 3 axis, 12hr
Blue Bullet Vibration-Random: 50-2000Hz, 37.8g rms-3 axes; 4h amb
Blue Bullet Shock: 300g - 3msec
Blue Bullet Acceleration: 50g acceleration
Blue Bullet Contact retention: >22N (dia 0.7mm), > 30N (dia 0.9mm)
Blue Bullet Working temperature (mated):
-55c to +200c
Blue Bullet Ingress protection index: IP68 (at 2m, 15hr)
Blue Bullet Fungus: Satisfied - by material analysis
Blue Bullet Flammability: 60 sec front and back face
Blue Bullet Fluid contamination: Fuels, gasoline, hydraulic oils, solvents, de-icing
Blue Bullet Sand and dust: 6hr, 55c, blowing < 150um dust
Blue Bullet Lightning strike: 10k amps- 6 times
Blue Bullet Altitude low temp: -65c, 40,000 feet and 400VAC
Blue Bullet Salt fog: Alum. shell (slight pitting after 48h), Brass shell (500h)
Blue Bullet Thermal shock: 5 cycles: -65c to +150c
Blue Bullet Altitude immersion: No moisture on contacts
Blue Bullet Air leakage: < 10-7 mbar. l/sec (Helium)
Blue Bullet Humidity: 21 days at 95%



  • Avionics
  • Communications, radios and headsets
  • Datacom services
  • Field use rugged medical equipment
  • Modems and system modules
  • Navigations systems & Night vision systems
  • Power systems, batteries and fuel cells
  • Remote control, Robotic controls
  • Security and surveillance
  • Soldier-mounted equipment
  • Vehicle mounted systems
  • UAVs & UMVs
  • USB to serial convertors
  • Weapon systems
  • Wearable computers
  • Satellite and space applications


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