Hermetic M12 connectors

Hermetic M12 Square flange


These hermetically sealed IP68 M12 male socket connectors are designed to exceed the mechanical and environmental requirements of IEC-61076-2-101 with fixed pin contacts, fused into a glass dielectric insert.


Hermetic M12 Round flange

Hermetically sealed M12 connectors from In2Connect are available as male receptacles with male eyelet, solder bucket and/or PCB contacts.

Based on the M12 threaded coupling connector range these glass to metal sealed connectors have been designed and manufactured to meet customers’ stringent individual requirements for environmental, mechanical and mounting conditions.


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Key Features


Blue Bullet Installation size - M12 X 1
Blue Bullet No of contacts - 3, 4, 5, and 8
Blue Bullet Compact, Robust design
Blue Bullet Hermetically sealed in stainless steel shell
Blue Bullet Corrosion resistant
Blue Bullet Coding - For non standard coding please consult


Blue Bullet  Contact - Nickel Alloy 52
Blue Bullet  Contact plating - Nickel-plated, gold-plated
Blue Bullet  Contact carrier - Glass
Blue Bullet  Housing - Stainless Steel
Blue Bullet  Eyelet, PCB or Solder bucket contacts
Blue Bullet  Sealing - Fusion to S'Steel shell
Blue Bullet  O-Ring - Fluorosilicone
Blue Bullet Current Rating - To IEC 61076-2-101 downrated for Alloy 52 contacts = 2 Amps #20 contacts
Blue Bullet Rated voltage - IEC 61076-2-101
Blue Bullet Insulation resistance - 100mOhm Sign @ 500VDC
Blue Bullet Degree of protection - IP 68+
Blue Bullet Mating cycles - IEC 61076-2-101
Blue Bullet Temperature range - 55 to 175C. Higher temperature material options are available.
Blue Bullet Hermeticity - Leakage rate of less than 1 x 10-8 cc/sec at one atmosphere pressure differential
Blue Bullet

Sockets, PCB or wire -
- Male Square Flange socket

Hermetic Square flange M12
- Male Round Flange socket

Hermetic Round flange M12
- Male Jam nut socket

Hermetic Jam nut M12
- Male Through Flange socket

Hermetic Through flange M12

The shell mounting configuration for the Square Flange and Jam Nut is interchangeable with that of MIL-DTL-26482, shell size 8


Hermetic M12 connectors from In2Connect are designed to exceed IP68 in an unmated state. These connectors have a wide variety of applications and can be found in most industry sectors, such as transport and instrumentation, for use with proximity switches, sensors and interconnection in harsh environmental conditions. Standard Hermetic connectors are sealed by fusing a single piece glass insert into a machined Stainless Steel Shell. The pin contacts are permanently fused into the insert. To maintain thermal compatability with the glass insert, the contacts are manufactured from a nickel alloy. The protective plating on the pin contacts is electro-deposited gold over nickel.

The Jam Nut is supplied with a fluorosilicone rubber O-ring for panel sealing. All In2Connect M12 and M12 hermetic connectors are RoHS compliant. The standard hermetic M12 connector is not designed as a pressure resistant connector even though the inserts are capable of withstanding high pressure differentials. For specific pressure critical applications please call us.


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