Female Edge Card Connectors 0.100", 0.125", 0.150", 0.156", 0.200"

sullins female card edge 2.54mmIn2Connect sell the largest range of high quality female PCB card edge signal and power connectors for the PC, communications, instrumentation and test equipment sectors including 200/250 C "burn-in" applications and to UL/CSA listings if required. Small Minimum Order Quantities - 10 piece minimums in many cases.


In2Connect sell the largest range of high quality female PCB card edge signal and power connectors for the PC, communications, instrumentation and test equipment sectors including UL/CSA listings where required.

The contacts of ourstandard female edge card connectors are made of metals like Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Beryllium Nickel or Spinodal and are plated with a thin, metallic coating that improves conductivity and prevents rust and corrosion. Plating materials include gold, copper, nickel, and silver. Contacts are housed in a body moulding that is usually made of a plastic material suited to the required operating temperature; these may include PBT, Valox*, Thermoplastic Polyester / PPS Ryton*, Polyphenylene Sulfide / PEEK, Polyetheretherketone / PA9T, High temperature polyamide.

We offer a complete line of Sullins and Micro Plastics and EDAC female Edgecard Connectors ranging from .050", .100", .125", .150", .156" and .200" contact spacing with Wire Wrap, Dip Solder, Press-Fit, Right Angle and Extender Card termination styles. These connectors are available in a wide range of sizes from 4/6 to 100/200 positions depending on contact pitch and include a variety of mounting configurations. All parts are currently manufactured to be RoHS compliant.

Key Features


Blue Bullet Hair-pin bellows, cantilever or loop-bellows contacts ~ spacing: 0.050", 0.100", 0.125", 0.150", 0.156" 
Blue Bullet 4/8 to 100/200 position edge card connectors
Blue Bullet  Accurately machined End to End connectors to build edge card connectors with more contact positions
Blue Bullet Single or double sided card edge connectors
Blue Bullet Available with insulator heights of 0.431", 0.550", 0.610" and 0.720"
Blue Bullet A variety of PCB edge contact tails
Blue Bullet Choice of mounting configurations from straight and right angled PCB to Surface Mount, Wire wrap and Solder eye
Blue Bullet Mounting style variations for a secure connection to the motherboard
Blue Bullet Low insertion force edgecard connectors available
Blue Bullet Various contact plating thickness options, selective or fully plated
Blue Bullet Burn-in High Temperature edge card connector options
Blue Bullet High and Low body edge card connector profiles
Blue Bullet Separately ordered polarising keys
Blue Bullet 'Custom' PCB edgecard connector production. Thousands of insulator design variations to accomodate your daughter card slot depths, card guides, insertion keying and alignment requirements
Blue Bullet UL/CSA connectors


Blue Bullet

Contact Current rating: 1- 5A percontact

Blue Bullet

Operating/Dielectric withstand voltages:

   0.039" centres 225/675V AC
   0.050" centres 300/900V AC
   0.100" centres 700/2100V AC
   0.125" centres 750/2250V AC
   0.150" centres 850/2550V AC

0.156" centres 950/2550V AC

Blue Bullet  Contact resistance: 30 milli Ohm Sign Max @ rated  current
Blue Bullet

Insulation Resistance:

   5000 Mega Ohm
Blue Bullet  Contact forces: (per MIL-C-21097C using a 1.58mm steel test blade).
   Board insertion force: - 16oz. max per    contact pair.
   Board withdrawal force: - 1 oz.min per contact  pair.
Blue Bullet  Mechanical operations: - 500 Min.
Blue Bullet

Working temperature: 

   Valox PBT: -60 to +130 C
   Ryton PPS: -65 to + 200/220 C (hi-temp)
   PA9T: -65 to + 130 C 

RTP PEEK: -65 to +250 C (hi-temp range)

Blue Bullet  Solvent resistance: Perchloroethylene, Freon  113, Freon 11, Trichloroethylene
Blue Bullet


   Valox glass reinforced PBT - UL 94 V-0, UL  94 5VA
   Ryton R-4 spaces, fibreglass reinforced PPS-  UL 94 V-0, UL 94 5VA
   PA9T - High temperature Polyamide

Glass and mineral filled PPS - UL 94 V-0 RTP PEEK - UL 94 V-0

Blue Bullet


   Phosphor Bronze (standard contact): -65 to  +125 C
   Beryllium Copper (available most styles): -65 to +150 C
   Spinodal (available dip solder and economy  eyelet): -65 to +200 C

Beryllium Nickel (Special): -65 to +300 C

Blue Bullet

Contact plating: All have 50 micron inch nickel underplate

   Generally per MIL-G-45204 or equivalent
   Fully plated 0.000010" gold over nickel
   Fully plated 0.000030" gold over nickel
   Selectively plated 0.000010/15" gold over    nickel with tinned tails
   Selectively plated 0.000030" gold over nickel  with tinned tails

Custom plating

Blue Bullet


   Meets MIL-STD-202, Method 108 (For high  tin  content solder in hi-temp solder  applications  contact sales!).
  Registered Trademarks
  RTP PEEK is a registered trademark of RTP Company
  Wire wrap is a registered trademark of Gardner Denver Corp.
  Valox: Sabic Innovative Plastics
  Ryton is a registered trademark of Phillips66
  Spinodal: Ametek


Female card edge connectors are used around the World in a wide array of consumer, industrial, and commercial applications. They are most frequently used in electronic component testing, communication equipment, medical equipment instrumentation, power converters and power supplies, along with aerospace and automotive systems and products.

Blue Bullet Computer Mainframes, PCs, peripherals
Blue Bullet Broadcast studio equipment, mixer desks, etc
Blue Bullet Consumer electronics, video and arcade games
Blue Bullet Military electronics
Blue Bullet Aviation electronics
Blue Bullet Telecommunications
Blue Bullet Industrial control electronics
Blue Bullet Robotics
Blue Bullet Test equipment


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