DIN 43650 Solenoid Connectors (EN175301-803A)

DIN43650C Led

DIN 43650 / ISO 4400 (EN 175301-803) Solenoid Valve Connectors.

A range of conveniently packaged connectors for use with pneumatic and hydraulic valves in process control applications ~ used with pressure switches, level sensors, motors, limit switches, actuators


Industry standard, 2 and 3 contact, panel and cable mounting, vibration proof, gasket-sealed screwlock connectors. In2Connect offer forms A, B and C, all of which provide protection to IP 65 per IEC 60529. When correctly assembled with the gaskets and
screws which complete the package
, this ensures reliable performance when exposed to fluid jets and dust. They conform to DIN EN 175301-803 (formerly DIN 43650).

The three styles: Form A (27.5 x 27.5mm), Form B (28.5 x 21mm), and Form C (15.5 x 15.5mm), have 18 mm,11 mm, and 8 mm contact separations, respectively. Form B is commonly referred to as a "micro" connector, while Form C is often referred to as a "sub-micro." Their black, grey or transparent body mouldings are suitable for ambient temperatures from -40 to + 125ºC and the screw type; snap-inserted, silver plated contacts are rated at 10 Amps max. Uniquely there is a double cable inlet grommet for Form A enabling the same connector to be used for both
PG9 and PG11 cables. Right angled connectors can be purchased factory moulded to PVC or Polyurethane cables, these have solder connections. 1 and 2 metres lengths are standard, other lengths are available on request. ATEX Approved versions are available for Ex II 2GD applications.

HTP Range M1NS2000 DIN43650C Led G1NU2000 HTP G1TU2VL1



Key Features

Blue Bullet DIN 43650 / ISO 4400 (EN 175301-803)
Blue Bullet Wide variety of internal circuits available with LED's
and surge suppressors
Blue Bullet Translucent housing for DIN-43650 LED, Varistor
and other electronic configurations allows 360° visibility.
Blue Bullet Environmental protection rating of IP65 for dust proof
and splash proof applications. IP67 with moulded cable
Blue Bullet Cable assemblies with moulded cable
Blue Bullet Field Attachable Version, easy wiring, simple installation
Blue Bullet DIN 43650 connector bases rectangular & circular
Blue Bullet Screwdown cable strain relief and seal ring. To prevent loss of the IP65 or 67 rating, not only for the connector, but also for the complete device, make sure that the cable fits the specified clamping diameter of the cable gland and that the integral seal or a separate seal is properly placed between the device plug and the mating connector and that the connector is screwed down corrrectly
Blue Bullet ATEX approved versions available for Ex II 2GD applications


Blue Bullet Insulator - Glass filled (30%) Nylon 66
 in Black, Grey or Transparent
Insulation Class C
Blue Bullet Contact - screw with conductor
Form A = 18mm spacing
Form B
= 10mm & 11mm spacing
Form C = 8mm & 9.4mm spacing
Blue Bullet Terminations - PCuZN silver plated
Blue Bullet Profile gasket NBR (flat NBR, flat
silicone on request)
Blue Bullet Current 10A max. (6A for P1 and
P2 models)
Blue Bullet Max Contact current 16A @ 40° C
(10A for P1 and P2 models)
Blue Bullet Working Voltage - 24V / 115V / 230V
Blue Bullet Rated voltage - 250V AC, 300V DC
Blue Bullet Rated impulse voltage - 5 kV
Blue Bullet Contact Resistance - ≤ 4mΩ
Blue Bullet Conductor cross section 0.5 to 
1.5 mm²
Blue Bullet Standard Earth position 2+E
12:00 hours
Standard Earth position 2+2E
12:00 hours and 06:00 hours
Blue Bullet Cable entry PG9, PG11 (unified)
Blue Bullet Central fixing screw circa M3 x 32.5mm
Blue Bullet Operating Temperature  -40C to +125C
Blue Bullet Protection Class - IP65 assembled:
IP67  with factory moulded cable in
Typical Types
Blue Bullet 2 pole plus 2 E or 3 pole plus 1 earth
Blue Bullet G1NU2000 PG9/PG11 Black 2+E
Blue Bullet G1TU2VL1 PG9/PG11 Trans 2+E
with LED & Varistor
Blue Bullet CG1N02000C021 PG9/PG11 Black 2+2E
with 1 metre PVC cable
Blue Bullet CG1NO2VL1C021 PG9/PG11 Black 2+E
with LED & Varistor and 1 metre cable
Blue Bullet Extension cables M8 & M12 to DIN 43650


DIN 43650 connectors are available with in-built electronic components in a host of protection circuit configurations; incorporating LED indicators, varistors, diodes for overvoltage protection, rectifiers etc. Voltage spike suppressing diodes do not have as much capacity to conduct large surges as varistors, but are not degraded by smaller surges and can provide high reliability and fast response time with a lower "clamping voltage". Varistors degrade from repeated exposure to surges, have a higher "clamping voltage" so that leakage does not degrade the varistors and are generally used to protect line powered circuitry.

HTP connectors may also be customised
according to customer specifications. Preferred options with electronic components (preferred options in red):

Black or Grey bodies standard circuits: D0, V0, Z2, F0, R0
Transparent bodies standard circuits: L0, DL, VL, TL, FL, RL
Standard LED Colour: Red


Extension cables M8 & M12 to DIN 43650



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